LoL Mythic Shop: Everything You Can Buy Right Now

Each few weeks Riot updates the LoL Mythic shop with new skins and unique emotes. There are also some other new goodies in the shop which you can pick up with some mythic essence.

Teemo Spirit Blossom Prestige Art
Which Prestige skin can you get this month? | © Riot Games

Riot Games switched up their League of Legends mythic content by revamping their shop in 2022. Prestige skins and mythic skins can now be purchased with a single currency, and any other content like accessories will also be made available with this newly introduced currency.

So, what has changed in the mythic shop, and how do you purchase new unique skins now? Let’s go over everything we know about the mythic shop and what you can get this month!

LoL Mythic Shop Explained

The mythic shop is built into the League of Legends client. It’s a shop in which players can exchange Mythic Essence for skins, accessories and things like blue or orange essence. The skins available in the mythic shop are rare and unique skins that aren’t always available to players.

Before League of Legends Patch 12.6, players had to use either gemstones or prestige points to purchase mythic content, but those currencies have been combined to make Mythic Essence, which is being used now to purchase content from the mythic shop.

What Is In The League of Legends Mythic Shop This Month?

Every month, the mythic shop is going to add new items for players to purchase. Normally, two prestige skins will be unvaulted and made available in the shop to purchase with Mythic Essence.

Upon their first unvaulting, the prestige skins will cost 125 Mythic Essence, their second unvaulting will coast 150 Mythic Essence and any subsequent unvaultings will price them at 200 Mythic Essence. It’s also important to note that prestige skins can only be unvaulted a year after their initial release.

Other mythic content, like new mythic skins – take Ashen Knight Pyke for example – and Hextech skins, will rotate every three months. This means every 6 patches, we’ll be getting new mythic skins.

Which Skins Are In The Mythic Shop This Month?

Prestige Valiant Sword Riven150 Mythic Essence
Prestige Lunar Beast Fiora125 Mythic Essence
Prestige Star Guardian Soraka125 Mythic Essence
Prestige Nightbringer Lee Sin150 Mythic Essence
Hextech Jarvan IV100 Mythic Essence
Hextech Sejuani100 Mythic Essence
Crystalis Motus Leona + Icon & Border100 Mythic Essence

Which Accessories Are in the Mythic Shop This Month?

As already mentioned, Riot Games also has accessories which can be purchased in the mythic shop. These range from icons, borders all the way to blue and orange essence, though we do not suggest spending your Mythic Essence on orange or blue essence, which you can easily get without spending a single dime.

Mythic Chroma Dunkmaster Darius40 Mythic Essence
Mythic Chroma Final Boss Veigar40 Mythic Essence
Reclaimed Chroma (Crystalis Motus Leona) + Icon40 Mythic Essence
Crystalis Motus Leona Emote25 Mythic Essence
Random Skin Shard10 Mythic Essence
150 Blue Essence1 Mythic Essence
50 Orange Essence1 Mythic Essence

When Is The Next Mythic Shop Rotation?

The Prestige skin that Riot unvaulted is going to be in the Mythic shop for one month, while the Hextech skins and the Ashen Knight skin will last for three months in the Mythic shop.

Prestige Lulu
When can we get Space Groove Lulu? | © Riot Games

How To Get Mythic Essence

Mythic Essence is the essential currency for purchasing things in the mythic shop. Obtaining Mythic Essence is pretty simple. Anyone who previously had gemstones in their inventory will have received mythic essence when the shop overhaul happened. Every gemstone is worth 10 Mythic Essence.

But if you didn’t have any gemstones before, don’t worry. There is still a way to earn Mythic Essence in League of Legends. There is a way to earn free Mythic Essence, but this is a limited time offer, so make sure you play League before May 2, 2022, to get your free 10 ME.

These are the ways to get your hands on Mythic Essence:

  • Hextech Chests
  • Masterwork Chests
  • Orbs from Missions

Due to the removal of Prestige Points, the drop rate for Mythic Essence in Masterwork Chests has been increased, so players can pick up one of the unvaulted skins in the mythic shop.

Where To Find The Mythic Shop in the LoL Client

The mythic shop isn’t hidden or a secret place which you can barely find in your League of Legends client. Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be able to check out what you can pick up this month in the mythic shop.

  1. Open League of Legends (duh)
  2. Click on the ‘Loot’ Section in the top right
  3. Where gemstones used to be is now the Mythic Essence icon
  4. Click on the Mythic Essence Icon
  5. Voilà, you can purchase anything you can afford

Getting into the Mythic shop is easy and just like you’ve always done with prestige points and gemstones. Nothing has changed there, even with the first phase of the mythic content overhaul. Now if you have 100 Mythic Essence you can get your hands on that Ashen Knight Pyke skin with border

What Happened To Hextech Rentals In The New Mythic Shop?

Does anyone even know what Hextech rentals are? That was an option which existed prior to the mythic content overhaul, wherein players could activate skin shards to ‘rent’ the skin for an entire week. The same could be done for ward skins as well.

This feature has been removed in the mythic overhaul. Riot Games explained that “virtually no one used the rental system; many players didn’t even know it existed. And truth be told, there were quite a few people who didn’t know they could ‘rent’ skins… though the system was pretty badly executed.

Maybe Riot will rethink their rental system and bring it back in Phase 3 of the mythic overhaul?

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