New LoL Skins: All League of Legends Skins Released in 2023

Let's check out everything about new LoL skins in 2023. Which skins are we getting, and which champions will receive skins?

Mythmaker sivir
What skins await us in League of Legends this year? | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a free to play MOBA that has made most of its earnings through the sale of cosmetics for the various champions within the game. As LoL is heading into 2023, and it's 13th season, we are going to be getting more skins for the 160 champions.

So let's check out everything we know about the new LoL skins in 2023 and what plans Riot has for their cash cow. Which skins are you most excited about this year?

LoL: Which Skins Have Been Released In 2023?

We know that there are around 1,400 unique skins in League of Legends at the start of 2023. This year more skins will be added to the repertoire and many more champions will be receiving new and unique looks for League of Legends.

While we had a bunch of brand-new skins in 2022, we do expect some epic new skins, as well as re-runs of some fan-favorites in 2023. Maybe some more Shan Hai Scrolls skins this year? Please and thank you!

Skin LineChampionsRelease DateLoL Patch
MythmakerIrelia, Galio, Zyra, Garen, SivirJanuary 12, 2023LoL Patch 13.1
Lunar GodsAshe, Qiyana, Thresh, Kha'Zix, MalphiteJanuary 26, 2023LoL Patch 13.1b
Heartache & HeartthrobVi, Caitlyn AmumuFebruary 10, 2023LoL Patch 13.3
AstronautSinged, Fizz, Xerath, Ivern, KennenFebruary 23, 2023LoL Patch 13.4
Broken CovenantXayah, Rakan, Riven, Miss Fortune, Cho'Gath, Vladimir, NocturneMarch 9, 2023LoL Patch 13.5
Faerie CourtKarma, Katarina, Kalista, Seraphine, Milio, Fiora, EzrealMarch 23, 2023

LoL Patch 13.6

Cats vs. DogsYuumi, Nidalee, Kindred, KledApril 6, 2023LoL Patch 13.7
Dawnbringer vs. NightbringerNasus, Renekton, Jarvan IV, Vayne

April 20, 2023

LoL Patch 13.8
InkshadowYasuo, Yone, Aurelion Sol, Kai'Sa, Volibear, Udyr, Master Yi

May 4, 2023

LoL Patch 13.9
Snow MoonAhri, Morgana, VarusMay 18, 2023LoL Patch 13.10
DRX World ChampionshipAatrox, Maokai, Kindred, Akali, Cailtyn, AsheJune 2, 2023LoL Patch 13.11
Shan Hai ScrollsLillia, Tahm Kench, Bard, Kog'MawJune 15, 2023LoL Patch 13.12
Star Guardian Seraphine
Finally we're getting the Star Guardian Seraphine skin in LoL! | © Riot Games
Skin LineChampionsRelease DateLoL Patch
ElderwoodWukong, Karthus

June 29, 2023

LoL Patch 13.13
Star Guardian

Orianna, Seraphine, Senna

June 29, 2023 & July 19, 2023LoL Patch 13.13 & LoL Patch 13.14
Soul FighterSamira, Viego, Pyke, Shaco, Sett, Lux, Jhin, Evelynn, Gwen, NaafiriJuly 19, 2023 & August 3, 2023LoL Patch 13.14 & LoL Patch 13.15
Immortal JourneyZeri, Zed, Shyvana, Sona, Kayle, Soraka

August 17, 2023

LoL Patch 13.16

New Ultimate Skin Revealed

Riot will be adding a new ultimate skin into the game. This is the highest skin tier in the game with the most effects and animations. These skins want to re-invent the champion and their fantasy. In 2023 Riot will release a new ultimate skin for none other than Samira.

What Champions Will Receive Skins in 2023?

There are quite a few champions that have not gotten new skins in ages. Riot will try to make sure that these champions are finally getting some new drip on the rift in 2023:

In the latest Dev Blog Riot Meddler and Riot Brightmoon explicitly stated that they want to show some love to champions that haven't received a skin in a very long time. We're glad that we can finally add Dr. Mundo to this list! Even though his VGU has dramatically changed his visuals it has been ages since Riot last released a skin for the Madman of Zaun.

What Skin Thematics Will Riot Release in LoL Season 13?

Riot is going to be bringing back the Cats vs. Dogs skin line, which is one of their fun April Fools skin lines for 2023. This skin line will likely include Kled, since a splash art from the thematic was already shown.

Riot is also going to be introducing a new skin line with Fae Magic. Kalista is going to be getting a skin in this thematic, as well as Karma whose concept art was also already revealed.

We've also got confirmation on a big summer event in the middle of 2023 that we will definitely be looking forward to. It seems very likely that we will be introduced to a whole new summer-themed skin line during this big event. So no new Pool Party or Ocean Song Skins? Let's see what else the Skins Team will come up with!

Will We Receive MSI Skins in 2023?

This is an interesting one! In their most recent Dev Update, Riot has revealed some information about upcoming skin themes in 2023. The Mid-Season Invitational is the next big international event in League of Legends esports. It's going to kick off in May and Riot Meddler revealed that the team is working on "exploring new themes" in the future.

Could this mean we will receive MSI-themed skins to celebrate the second-biggest esports event of the year? I mean, we've received skins like Worlds Azir, so why not celebrate the Mid-Season Invitational in style?

How Many Skins Will Riot Release in 2023?

In 2022, we received almost 140 skins, the same as in 2021, which is why we believe that in 2023 we will once again be getting around 130 or 140 skins! With each League of Legends patch being released almost every 2 weeks and there being at least 3 or more skins added each patch, we can hope for a lot of new looks.

Prestige Lissandra Porcelain skin
Prestige skins are back in 2023! | © Riot Games

Which Prestige Skins Have Been Released in 2023?

Prestige skins will once again be making a comeback in 2023. In 2022, the skins team buffed the prestige thematic, adding brand-new concepts to make them feel more exclusive.

Skin LineChampionRelease Date

LoL Patch

MythmakerMythmaker Sivir Prestige EditionJanuary 11, 2023LoL Patch 13.1
PorcelainPorcelain Lissandra Prestige EditionJanuary 26, 2023LoL Patch 13.1b
Broken CovenantBroken Covenant Miss Fortune Prestige EditionMarch 8, 2023LoL Patch 13.5
Faerie CourtFaerie Court Katarina Prestige EditionMarch 23, 2023LoL Patch 13.6
InkshadowInkshadow Yasuo Prestige Edition

May 4, 2023

LoL Patch 13.9
DRXDRX Aatrox Prestige EditionJune 2, 2023LoL Patch 13.11

Soul Fighter

Prestige Soul Fighter PykeJuly 19, 2023LoL Patch 13.14
Soul FighterPrestige Soul Fighter Shaco

August 3, 2023

LoL Patch 13.15
Immortal JourneyImmortal Journey Sona Prestige EditionAugust 17, 2023LoL Patch 13.16

LoL Mythic Shop: What Skins Are Available?

Since players did not think that Hextech skins were that special or unique, Riot has decided to create 'seasonal mythics' which will have a rotating thematic for unique skins in the mythic shop each year.

You'll also be able to pick up older prestige skins, so if you forgot to play during a specific time period and missed your chance to pick up a prestige Arcade Caitlyn, you'll be able to get it through the mythic shop which will have a monthly rotation of prestige skins available.

What Are Mythic Chromas?

With the introduction of the new Mythic Shop, Riot added new mythic content. One of the newest additions is known as a mythic chroma, which is a new chroma for either a Seasonal Mythic skin or a previously released legendary skin. These Chromas have a new color scheme for the champion, as well as their VFX.

Mythic Chromas will cost 40 Mythic Essence. In 2023, more skins will be getting Mythic Chromas as well as new skins in the mythic shop for you to enjoy and pick up.

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