LoL Champion Roadmap: All Info On Upcoming Champions

LoL consistently releases new champions to the game. Which champions are next is a key question. Thanks to the LoL champion roadmap, we can already guess who the newest LoL champions are going to be.

Briar teaser lol champion
LoL Champion Roadmap: What champion is next on the list? | © Riot Games

In 2023 we've received two new champions thus far. One new support that has taken over the meta, as well as a new mid laner who is also pretty damn good in the jungle.

Of course, that isn't the only new champion content we've received, with Aurelion Sol receiving a Comprehensive Gameplay Update, and Ahri finally getting her Art and Sustainability Update as well. But what else is on the list of upcoming champion changes and what can we expect from the Champion Roadmap for the second half of 2023 and early 2024?

LoL Champion Roadmap: Who is the Next League of Legends Champion?

New LoL Champion – Briar

There has not been too much talk of the jungle champion that Riot is currently working on. One thing fans do believe is that this is going to be a real vampire championn and that they could be related to Noxus in some way or form.

Riot August, Champion Lead, is working on the champion though, hence why a lot of players believe this will be a vampire. He has revealed on multiple occasions that he wants to bring a vampire champion to Summoner's Rift... one that isn't Vladimir.

In a recent dev blog has also shed more light on this champion. She will be a female champion with an uncontrollable hunger. She seems to have been mad with hunger, going insane, but now she's become reformed.

Briar will be a skirmisher in the jungle, since initially the idea of a champion with fervent hunger was created for Naafiri. This was then decided to be used for a skirmisher and the idea went into Briar's kit.

When Will the Next Champion Be Released?

The next League of Legends champion should be released by the end of the Summer 2023. In a recent dev blog, Riot Brightmoon explained that by the time the next dev video is updated, we would have already met Briar.

This means that we could be getting more information on Briar in August. Most people have her pegged for a start in LoL Patch 13.18 or LoL Patch 13.19, so we won't have to wait too much longer for her.

New LoL Champion: Mid Lane Mage Could Be Most Unique Champion Ever

Ink Mage 2
What can we expect from the Ink Mage? | © Riot Games

Another champion Riot has teased before is a new mid lane mage who will be using the power of art. This isn't a new champion concept, with information revealing that Riot has had thoughts of this before, but decided against releasing a champion with an art mechanic due to the constraints.

Initially, the team had wanted to make a mage that could literally draw their abilities. Whether Riot chooses to go down this path will be seen, but we think it's highly unlikely.

This champion will be from Ionia according to the April 2023 champion roadmap, which also revealed Briar's name. Other than that there isn't much to go on for this mid lane champion who is still shrouded in mystery.

Freljord Huntress Rumored

Freljord Raiders
Can't wait to be back in the Freljord. | © Riot Games

There have also been leaks and rumors surrounding another new champion. This would be a top lane huntress from the Freljord. She would also use a new and unique weapon that Riot would create for the world of Runeterra.

There isn't much else known, but if these rumors are true, then we hope that she is as jolly and friendly as Braum.

When Will The Skarner Rework Go Live?

Skarner was voted to be the next champion to receive a VGU by the League of Legends community. Riot has been busy perfecting the Udyr rework which went live earlier in 2022 and therefore have not revealed much of what Skarner could be like come 2023.

It has been revealed that we won't be getting a lot more VGU's for champions so we expect Skarner to be the only one to receive a visual and gameplay update in 2023. We will have to stay patient to find out more about this unique jungle champion.

Jax ASU Late 2023 Revealed

Jax Lo R
Jax is going to look a lot better with his ASU. | © Riot Games

Due to the Skarner VGU taking longer and getting a slight delay, we're also going to be getting another small little surprise Art and Sustainability Update for the top lane menace Jax.

This ASU should be going live sometime in late 2023 or erly 2024 according to the information we've gotten from Riot in the past. His art will be updated, as well as his old and outdated model, but his abilities will stay the same.

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