Warzone 2 Meta: Best Weapons In Season 5

If you're looking for the current Call of Duty: Warzone 2 meta in Season 5, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find loadouts for the best Warzone 2 long-range option, the best short-range weapon, the best Sniper, and the best Sniper Support / Resurgence AR. Enjoy!

Warzone Season 5 Meta
Warzone 2 meta: Here are the best weapons in Warzone Season 5. | © Activision Blizzard

There are hundreds of weapons to choose from in Warzone, but most of you don't have the time to level every single one. So instead, simply use the guide below to discover the absolute Warzone meta. These are the best weapons in Warzone Season 5.

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Warzone 2 Meta In Season 5: Overview

In the following, you will find the current Warzone 2 meta for short and long distances:

When it comes to equipment and perks, we advise the following combination.

Ranked / BR Perk & Equipment Meta

Perk Slot Perk / Equipment
Base 1Overkill / Tracker
Base 2Bomb Squad
BonusFast Hands


LethalDrill Charges
TacticalSmoke Grenade

Resurgence Perk & Equipment Meta

Perk Slot Perk / Equipment
Base 1Overkill / Tracker
Base 2Bomb Squad

Fast Hands

UltimateHigh Alert
LethalThrowing Knives
TacticalSmoke Grenade

Warzone 2 Season 5 Meta (General) | Long-Range: RAPP-H

The RAPP combines decent damage and recoil control with an absurd rate-of-fire, which gives it an excellent TTK. If it does have one flaw, it can't be used at very long ranges, like various ARs we've had in the past. But we still think it's probably the best primary weapon option for most people right now.

Here is the best RAPP-H loadout for long range:

Warzone Season 4 Meta Rapp
MuzzleLockshot KT85Recoil Stabilization (+ 0.75 oz) / Recoil Control (+ 0.35 in)
BarrelRomeo FT 16"Recoil Steadiness (+ 0.50 lb) / Damage Range (+ 0.40 in)
OpticAim OP-V4Default
Rear GripLachmann TCG-10Recoil Stabilization (+1.00 oz) / Aiming Idle Stability (+ 0.45 in)
UnderbarrelEdge-47Recoil Stabilization (+ 0.80 oz) / Aiming Idle Stability (+ 0.40 in)

All of our attachments are geared towards enhancing recoil control, with the most efficient tradeoffs in mind. The optic is personal preference, but you could even consider a 3x for Al Mazrah.

This specific muzzle break is very effective at mitigating horizontal recoil, and we found it to be the most comfortable in testing. If you feel you're struggling too much with vertical recoil then consider swapping out this attachment for a similar muzzle device.

Warzone 2 Season 5 Meta (High-Skill) | Long-Range: TAQ-V

The TAQ-V is very tough to use because it has a lot of recoil. Full-auto is an option, but to get the best TTK in the game you will need to use the TAQ-V in single-fire.

It was very near the top going into Season 4: Reloaded, but it couldn't quite touch the Cronen Squall. But after the Cronen Squall nerf from Monday, July 24, we think the TAQ-V has taken the top spot.

Here is the best TAQ-V loadout for long range:

Warzone Seaon 5 M Eta TAQ V
Warzone 2 Season 5 Meta: TAQ-V. | © Activision
MuzzleSakin Tread 40Recoil Stabilization (+ 0.60 oz) / Recoil Control (+ 0.25 in)
OpticAim OP-V4Default
Rear GripFSS Combat GripRecoil Steadiness (+0.50 oz) / Aiming Idle Stability (+ 0.30 in)
Magazine50 Round DrumDefault
UnderbarrelFTAC-RipperRecoil Stabilization (+ 0.60 oz) / Aiming Idle Stability (+ 0.30 in)

Even though we are using it in single-fire we still need to buy as much recoil control as possible, and we also still want extended mags. These will obviously come at a mobility and handling cost, but this is a long-range option, after all.

Warzone 2 Season 5 | Short-Range: Lachmann Sub

Yes it was nerfed in Season 5 - but it still feels like the best option. The ISO and Vaznev can still compete, and if you're a sh*tter the KV Broadside is good to go, but we think the best option for most players is the Lachmann Sub. It's easy to use, it has a great TTK in close-range, solid mobility, and no obvious downsides.

Below, you can find the best Lachmann Sub loadout for Warzone 2.

Warzone Season 4 Meta Lachmann


BarrelFTAC M-SUB 12"Aim Walking Speed (- 0.50 lb) / Damage Range (+ 0.40 in)
Laser1MW Quick FireSprint To Fire Speed ​​(-0.50 oz) / Aim Down Sight Speed ​​(- 51.00 ft)
StockMeer RecoilAim Down Sight Speed (- 4.00 oz) / Aim Walking Speed (- 2.40 in)

Rear Grip

Lachmann TCG-10Aim Down Sight Speed (- 1.00 oz) / Sprint To Fire Speed (-0.45 in)

40 Round Mag


It's all pretty obvious stuff, we want faster handling and mobility, with a little extra damage range thrown in. You might be wondering why this laser and not the even faster LZR 7MW, and that's simple because this one doesn't produce a visible beam for enemies to see.

Warzone 2 Season 5 Meta Sniper: MCPR-300

The MCPR can down with a headshot as long as you use explosive ammunition. In fact, two other snipers can as well, but the MCPR is much faster than those options so it's the meta choice.

We don't think snipers are ever going to see the popularity they had in Warzone 1, but if you do want to use one then we have a build for you below.

Below, you can find the best MCPR loadout for Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Season 4 MCPR Loadout
The best MCPR loadout in Warzone. | © Activision Blizzard


MuzzleNilsound 90Aim Down Sight Speed ​​(-1.40 oz) / Bullet Velocity (+1.00 in)


22" OMXAim Walking Speed ​​(-0.50 lb) / Damage Range ​​(+ 0.40 in)


Schlager PEQ Box IVAim Walking Steadiness ​​(+0.50 oz) / Aim Down Sight Speed ​​(-51.00 ft)
OpticForge Tac Delta 4Default

.300 Explosive

Damage Range ​​(+ 0.70 g) / Bullet Velocity (+9.00 gr)

Our top choice for a build right now includes the necessary ammunition for one-shot downs, but it comes at the cost of significantly reduced bullet velocity. To make up for this, we've opted for a heavy suppressor and longer barrel. Additionally, we've added a laser attachment to improve aim-down-sight speed.

We chose the 4x optic because it's the best scope out of the ones that only have a "very small sniper glint".

Warzone 2 Season 5 Sniper Support / Resurgence AR: Razorback

The Razorback wasn't near the top of the weapons when it was first released, but the devs (probably seeing how unpopular it was) decided to buff it a few weeks later. Since then, it's been an excellent choice for a close-range AR, and reminds us somewhat of the old FFAR.

Going into Season 5 we still think the Razorback is by far the best weapon for this role.

Below, you can find the best Razorback loadout for Warzone 2.

Warzone Season 4 Meta Razorbnack



FJX Fulcrum Pro

Recoil Stabilization (+ 0.80 oz) / Recoil Control (+0.35 in)
Barrel16" TANKR-VRecoil Steadiness (+ 0.45 lb) / Damage Range (+0.40 in)
LaserSchlager PEQ Box IVSprint To Fire Speed ​​(-0.50 oz) / Aim Down Sight Speed ​​(-51.00 ft)
OpticAim OP-V4Default


60 Round MagDefault

Our focus with the Razorback build is on close to mid-range fights, so aiming stability isn't a priority as we don't expect to use it beyond 30 meters. However, since it's not an SMG, we can't afford to sacrifice all recoil control and aiming stability for speed. Instead, we need to strike a balance between these factors to create a well-rounded weapon.

We recommend using a larger magazine capacity as 30 rounds might not be sufficient in Warzone. The optic is a matter of personal preference, and you could choose to use a 1x. However, we prefer using the 2x.

As soon as new balance patches change the current meta, we will of course update this article for you. Until then, have fun grinding!

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