Prime Gaming In FIFA 23: New Rewards With Guaranteed Icon

With Amazon Prime Gaming in FIFA 23, you can get easy and sweet rewards in FUT. We tell you how you can link your EA account and claim the former Twitch Prime rewards. Prime Gaming Pack 10 for July is live now.

FIFA 23 Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards
Prime Gaming in FIFA 23: rewards, how to claim them and the next release date. | © EarlyGame | © EA Sports

With Amazon Prime Gaming (fka "Twitch Prime Gaming") we can get free packs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Twelve are waiting for us in total, and the packs can contain the very best players of the current FUT campaign.

We show you step by step what rewards you can get this time and how to claim them.

FIFA 23: Prime Gaming Rewards In July

As the final campaigns are upon us in FIFA 23, we also recommend you still claim the pack as there could be an incredible Icon waiting for you. This time we get the Icon for even 20 matches instead of 10, so claiming the pack seems to be worth it. Let's hope for TOTY Ronaldinho or Trophy Titans Ronaldo!

Here are new Prime Gaming rewards in Pack #10:

  • 9 Rare Gold Players
  • 2x 82+ Player Picks
  • 18 Rare Consumables
  • Prime, TOTY or FUT Birthday or Trophy Titans ICON 92+ OVR (Loan, 20 matches)

Scroll down to "Next FIFA Prime Gaming Pack" to claim the Prime Gaming Pack #10 in July

Twitch prime gaming fifa 23 rewards july
Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards for July in FIFA 23. | © Amazon

How To Claim Your Prime Gaming Rewards In FIFA 23

There are various ways to do this, the easiest probably being that you go to the "Games and Loot" category on the Prime website by clicking on your personal account in the top right corner. Then you should see the latest FIFA drop. If you click on our Prime Gaming link, you will be taken directly to the FIFA category:

Click "Claim" and follow the instructions (EA log in – back to Amazon – claim rewards). After you've collected your rewards, all you have to do is log in to FUT in FIFA 23 and go to the shop. You can find your new Prime Gaming Pack under My Packs.

How To Link Your EA Account With Amazon Prime Gaming

You need an Amazon Prime Account to get the Amazon Prime Gaming Pack in FIFA. If you are no member by now, we have a delightful offer for you. Get it for 30 days, claim the rewards, watch several movies and series and ditch the membership again.

The next step is linking your accounts. To do so, you have to go to the Prime Gaming Home Page, where you then log in to your Amazon Prime account or your Twitch account.

Afterward, you can link your EA Account. Make sure to log in with the same account you used to log into the Companion App, for example.

Next Prime Gaming Pack In FIFA 23: Release Date Of Pack 11 In August

Most important for you to know is that new Prime Gaming Packs always appear on Mondays and always around the 20th of each month.

As we already see the expiry date of the current Pack #10, it is very likely that Prime Gaming Pack #11 will be live on Monday, August 21.

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