Valorant: The Night Market Returns In August 2023

The Valorant Night Market makes his return for August 2023, and will be available for three weeks. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Night Market August1
Since the Night Market acts like a casino, not everyone can be lucky! | © Riot Games

The Night Market has returned after a 2-month break, offering Valorant players a Black Friday experience.

Valorant: Understanding the Meaning of Colors in My Night Market

Prior to revealing your night market skins, each skin bar is associated with a distinct color. This color corresponds to the Skin Tier of the unrevealed skin.

The following colors correspond to their associated tiers:

  • Orange - Exclusive Skin Tier (Best Quality)
  • Yellow - Ultra Skin Tier
  • Purple - Premium Skin Tier
  • Blue - Select Skin Tier
  • Cyan - Deluxe Skin Tier

The skin tier doesn't determine the discount percentage; it remains random at all times.

Skin Tiers Valorant RG
Skin tiers, their color, and price | © Riot Games

Valorant: Available Skins in My Night Market

To determine which skins are available, it's important to understand the common rules regarding exclusions from the Night Market.

Here are the exclusions:

  • You won't receive "Gear" Skins

"Gear" skins encompass anything other than weapons or melee items. This includes Sprays, Titles, Buddies, Cards, and Kingdom Credits.

  • You won't receive Battle Pass Skins
  • You won't receive Tactical Knives priced above 3,550 VP
  • You won't receive gun skins classified as Exclusive (Orange) or Ultra (Yellow), and knives part of higher edition skin collections
  • You won't receive duplicate skins unless you've acquired many skins, and there's a limited selection to display

These simple and mostly beneficial rules safeguard the Night Market from unwanted and low-value items.

Here's what you will receive:

  • At least two of the skins will be melee weapon skins or Premium (Purple) edition gun skins
  • Skins from the Eligible Collections (outlined below)

Special Collections in the August Night Market

Valorant Smite Skins
Some special Collections will be purchsable |© Riot Games

The following collections are available in the August Night Market:

  • Premium (Purple) Edition Collections:

Crymsonbeast, Cryostasis, Ego, Celestial, Forsaken, Gravitational Uranium Neroblaster, Ion, Magepunk 1.0, Nebula, Oni, Origin, Prime, Prime 2.0, Reaver, Reaver 2.0, Recon, Sovereign, Spline, Tethered Realms, Undercity, Valorant GO! Vol. 1, Valorant GO! Vol. 2, Doodle Buds, Gaia's Vengeance, Xenohunter, Neptune.

  • Deluxe (Cyan) Edition Collections:

Aristocrat, Avalanche, Altitude, Winterwunderland, Sakura, Prism, Minima, Silvanus, Wasteland, Horizon, Snowfall, Tigris, Nunca Olvidados. Team Ace, Titanmail, Sarmad, Abyssal, Luna, Kohaku & Matsuba.

  • Select (Blue) Edition Collections:

Smite, Galleria, Infantry, Prism II, Luxe, Rush, Sensation, Convex, Endeavour, Reverie.

These are all the collections available in the current Night Market.

The upcoming Night Market in EP 7, Act 2, around late October, will include these collections:

  • Magepunk (EP 6 gun skins)

Valorant Night Market FAQ

The final section of this article addresses frequently asked questions regarding the Night Market:

  • Can I request a refund for Night Market skins?

- No, Valorant doesn't permit refunds for skins, unless specific conditions are met.

  • Can I exchange my Night Market skins?

- No, once revealed, the skins displayed on your screen will remain unchanged until the end of the current Night Market.

  • If I buy all six skins from the Night Market, will I receive new ones?

Some players have wondered whether purchasing all six revealed skins would result in new selections. This won't occur; instead, you'll receive a message confirming that you've acquired all available skins.

Does the night market refresh when you buy all 6 items?
by u/Mccullyman in VALORANT
  • Does the Night Market refresh daily?

- No, the skins remain unchanged once revealed until the next Night Market.

This summarizes the August Night Market details. If this one didn't bring you luck, we hope the next one will.

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