Valorant: These Are The Champions 2023 GOAT Candidates

The Valorant Masters are the place where GOATS can be born. So who are the candidates, and can Chronicle claim even more titles?

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Valorant: Is Chronicle already the GOAT, as a two-time Masters winner? |©Riot Games

In the world of Esports games, being considered the GOAT entails having a massive fan base and a plethora of achievements that justify their "Mount Rushmore" status. Valorant potentially has a few players deserving of this title, but none have been indisputably crowned yet.

Can We Get A GOAT At Valorant Champions 2023

Los Angeles has been known as the city of angels, but it may soon be known for producing GOATs as well. In sports terms, many NBA superstars have achieved unparalleled success, elevating them to the status of the best in their era. Valorant can follow a similar path, and with so much at stake at Champions 2023, a GOAT might emerge.

But, what does it mean to be a GOAT in Valorant?

Here are some examples:

  • Multiple Masters winner? - That would be FNATIC Chronicle
  • Invincible's style win at a Masters? - That would be SEN TenZ
  • Two-Time VCT Champions Winner? - Aspas, Less & saadhak could be candidates if they lift the trophy in Los Angeles

Who's A GOAT Candidate At Valorant Champions 2023

Timofey "Chronicle" Khromov

Fnatic is currently a powerhouse, and no one seems capable of stopping them, at least not yet. Their success is attributed to both team effort and the individual brilliance of Chronicle. His trophy cabinet is currently the richest in all of Valorant, and he has become the only player in Valorant's three-year history to win two Masters trophies.

If he secures a Champions 2023 win, his status will likely be solidified, and he will be engraved as one of Valorant's all-time best players.

Here are his most important achievements so far:

  • Masters Tokyo Winner
  • Masters Berlin Winner
  • LOCK//IN São Paulo Winner
  • Valorant Champions 2021 Runner Up

LOUD aspas, Less & Saadhak

There is no splitting between these three, as they are all defending their Champions 2022 title in Los Angeles. Together with Sentinels's pancada & Sacy, they won last year's Champions 2022 and have a chance to defend it and write history in LA.

There is no better proving ground than being a back-to-back Champions Winner, and achieving that certainly puts you in the GOAT category.

Here are their most important achievements so far:

  • Valorant Champions 2022 Winner
  • VCT 2023: Americas League Winner
  • Stage 1 Masters Reykjavik Runner Up
  • LOCK//IN São Paulo Runner Up

Fnatic Boaster, Derke & Alfajer

As they are currently favored to win based on odds made by bookmakers, these three can further enrich their already filled trophy cabinet and make history. Fnatic is on fire, and their team has shown no flaws so far. With their previous performance and success, they have the potential to be considered among the GOATs if they manage to lift the trophy in LA.

Here are their most important achievements so far:

  • Masters Tokyo Winner
  • LOCK//IN São Paulo Winner
  • Masters Reykjavik (2021) Runner-Up

Not as accomplished as their teammate Timofey, but the back-to-back International Champions vibe certainly resonates powerfully.

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