FIFA 23 Update: New Patch Is Live – But Not As Described

A new FIFA update is live and causing issues, particularly on PC. EA Sports continues to roll out updates for FIFA 23, yet as the current season draws to a close, the modifications made with Title Update 16 have been relatively minor – and not inthegame as described.

FIFA 23 Title Update Patch Notes
FIFA 23 update: new patch notes for Title Update 16. | © EarlyGame/EA Sports

The final FUT Promos are on the horizon, and EA is relentless in updating their game. While some have speculated that Title Update 16 might relate to the EA FC 24 Beta, a close look at the Patch Notes reveals a few minor tweaks in store for FIFA 24.

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New FIFA 23 Update: Latest Patch Notes

Title Update 16 will go live on August 2 and is available for download on all platforms: Xbox One and Series X|S, Playstation 4 & 5, and PC.

After some errors on PC, EA provided a fix for the launch problem...

FIFA Update: New Title Update 16 With Minor Adjustments

While we can observe the minor updates being made in FIFA 23, the first new ratings for EA FC 24 have already surfaced... EA unveiled them in their Career Mode deep dive.

Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • Some tifos and flags were not displaying in the stadium.


  • Sometimes, in VOLTA FOOTBALL, controller settings could incorrectly reset to default.
  • [PC Only] In VOLTA FOOTBALL, incorrect button callouts were present in the VOLTA Shop.

EA announced the first new features like a league system and crossplay for 'Clubs' in EA FC 24.

Career Mode

  • Sometimes, injured players could be incorrectly available as reserve players for national teams in Manager Career.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following changes:

  • Updated some boots, gloves, kits, tifos, and VIP Areas.
  • Updated Nouhalia Benzina’s player model to include her head covering.
  • In EA Social, added ability to switch between Online and Offline status.

Here, EA has once again... how should we put it... messed up.

Instead of updating the player model for Benzina, they simply removed her with this patch. She is no longer to be found in the World Cup Mode, and once again it's clear: EA needs to patch the patch, so it works correctly.

On Twitter, some users are also complaining in the comments that no shoes have been updated... they're really testing our patience sometimes, I gotta tell you.

But ey, this is everything you need to know about official FIFA 23 Title Update #16 from EA. You can also find the entire list here.

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