RLCS 2023: Schedule, Teams, Livestream – All Info About The Rocket League World Championship

With the RLCS World Championship (RLCS), the biggest Rocket League tournament of the year has now officially started. Do you want to know where the World Championship takes place, which format is used, which teams participate and where you can watch all the action? We have all the info about the RLCS 2023 you need.

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Live footage of your teammate missing an open net. This is why they don't play at the RLCS World Championship. | © Psyonix

The highlight of every Rocket League Championship Series season is always the World Championship at the end of the season. The biggest tournament is once again taking place now, and the best teams from all over the world are competing for a prize pool of more than 2 million dollars.

The RLCS has officially started on August 3. Find the most important info about it here!

RLCS 2023 Schedule: Starting Time & All Matches

Just like every year before, the RLCS World Championship 2023 is taking place in August. This time, the best Rocket League teams battle it out August 3-13, with a small break in the middle.

The hosting venue is the PSD BANK DOME in Düsseldorf, Germany. If you are a European Rocket League fan who has not managed to watch a tournament live yet, this is the best chance you will get to watch the best Rocket League gameplay in the world!

Rocket League World Championship Format: Wild Card & Main Event

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Never hit your teammate. The RLCS World Championship Players don't do that either. | © Psyonix

The RLCS World Championship isofficially divided into a Wildcard phase and a Main Event phase, which is exactly how they did it last year as well. They will also keep the best of 7-format for every match in the tournament.

RLCS 2023 qualified teams
These teams have successfully qualified for the RLCS World Championship 2023. | © Psyonix

The Wildcard phase already took place on August 3-6. Teams that did not qualify directly for the Main Event during the season got a second chance here. 16 teams competed for their place in the main event, 8 of them were successful.

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RLCS 2023 Group Stage: Teams

From August 8 onwards, the Main event takes place. 16 teams meet in the group stage first, before the eight best performing squads will go on to the playoffs. The playoffs will be played as a single-elimination bracket, with the Grand Finale taking place on August 13. The 2023 World Champions will win a grand total of $600,000.

The best teams in the world are here to play for their crown. These are all 16 teams that made it to the group stage – they will compete for the most prestigious title in Rocket League.

Rocket League Ranks: The Ranking System Explained

The first round of matches in the Group Stage phase are official now. These are all the matches you will get to see in Group A:

RLCS World Championship 2023: Group A. | © Psyonix

And these are the matches in Group B:

RLCS World Championship 2023: Group B. | © Psyonix

Rocket League World Championship Livestreams On YouTube And Twitch

As always, the biggest Rocket League event of the year will also be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch. If you did not manage to get tickets to the arena, but still want to see all the action live, you should check out the following channels on the dates mentioned above:

At least that is exactly where each tournament day was broadcast last year. Regardless of that, it is always a good idea to follow the official RL_Esports channel on Twitter. There you will get all the news first hand. Until the start of the Wildcard phase, you can already pimp your car with some RLCS 2022-23 decals and show which team you are rooting for during the World Championship.

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