EarlyGame's €500 Fortnite Duo Tournament Powered by EURONICS & Semio88

After months upon months of fantastic bi-monthly tournaments, it's time for EarlyGame to take it to the next level. Hereby we present to you: EarlyGame's €500 Fortnite Duo Tournament powered by EURONICS and featuring Semio88...

Fortnite 500 tournament with euronics
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So, we've done quite a few Fortnite tournaments over the last year. We've also done a ton of great League of Legends tournaments and even more, covering a plethora of fantastic games. All of you have supported us, we appreciate it, and it's time to give something back. What does this mean? Well it means a massive new tournament, and we're even streaming it with the spectator tool!

EarlyGame is stepping up its game with our €500 Fortnite Duo Tournament featuring Semio88 and Powered by EURONICS

So here's the deal: We are going to run a fantastic two-day tournament, stretching from March 26 to March 27. This two-round tournament will begin with a giant five-round extravaganza! In this qualifier round, players will engage in large-scale Fortnite matches, in Duos, competing to enter those wonderful, wonderful finals.

Once in the finals, the top-94 players, so the top 47 duos plus 3 specially invited duos, will compete for a first, second and third place prize. This prize will go out to each of the top three teams, so split between the two players in each team. These numbers may change depending on some exciting new collaborations we have up our sleeve, as well as the number of players who turn up for the finals. Right now, though, we are proud to announce that two pro-players will be joining us for the finals!

The prize pool for the first three places will be logically split between the two players of each team. This is broken down as follows:

  • 1st Place: €250 (€125 per player)
  • 2nd Place: €150 (€75 per player)
  • 3st Place: €100 (€50 per player)

But there's more... we would like to announce that Twitch Partner, Streamer, and CEO of Arrow Clan, Semio88 is partnering with us to present you with our latest tournament!

Semio88 is joining us for EarlyGame's 500 Fortnite Duos Tournament! | © Semio88

Semio88, as well as our very own Alisa Eiber, will be co-streaming the tournament on Twitch, accessible via EarlyGame's official Twitch Channel as well as Alisa's Twitch channel. We have the Spectator Tool, so this is going to be one hell of a great ride!

Give some love to our mate Semio, though! This fantastic streamer will be joining us, and you should shoot him a follow on Twitter, jump over onto Arrow Clan's Discord, check out his YouTube and Instagram and, of course, enjoy his Twitch Streams!

What Do You Need To Know?

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about EarlyGame's €500 Fortnite Duo Tournament featuring Semio88!

  • When? The qualifier rounds will take place on Saturday, March 26 at 16:00 CET. The finals will take place on Sunday, March 27 at 17:00 CEST.
  • Where? Players who wish to participate will be able to via WarLegend and the steps out lined below. The official stream will be done, for viewers, via EarlyGame's Twitch Channel and Alisa's Twitch Channel.

How to Join

So there you have it! EarlyGame's €500 Fortnite Duo Tournament featuring Semio88 and Alisa Eiber! We're super hyped for this event, and can't wait to bring you the next generation of our legendary EarlyGame Tournaments! See you on March 26 and March 27... Game on!

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