Top 35 Hottest Female Fortnite Skins

Fortnite gathered a massive amount of skins over the last couple of years. Here we rank the hottest female skins in the game!

There is a crazy amount of skins in Fortnite. | © EarlyGame

We have an undeniable love for Fortnite skins. With the vast array of options available today, it's certainly a challenge to pick favorites among the hundreds of choices. But it's only natural to gravitate towards certain skins that simply exude heat and appeal. Now it's time to explore the top 30 hottest female Fortnite skins!

But that's not all! We have even more remarkable skins for you to explore:

Fortnite: The Hottest Female Skins

Rank 35: Selene Skin

The vibrant color combination of Selene, especially her hair, completely captivates us with this skin!

Fortnite selene
Look at that wings... just magical isnt it? |©Epic Games

Rank 34: Undercover Kor

The outfit is incredibly stunning! The mesmerizing blend of red and black, combined with the intricate details such as the sleeves, is flawlessly perfect!

Fortnite undercover kor
Looks even better in a tropical setting | © Epic Games

Rank 33: Yellow Jacket Skin

It's not only the outfit that captivates us; both variations of Yellow Jacket exude incredible allure. Whether it's the vibrant yellow with subtle makeup or the bold and fiery appearance with black lipstick, we absolutely adore both styles for their irresistible appeal!

Yellow Jacket Fortnite
You like Kill Bill? Then you will enjoy this skin |©Epic Games

Rank 32: Hinata Skin

The power of simplicity should not be underestimated, and Hinata epitomizes this concept flawlessly. Naruto has undoubtedly found a treasure by having her by his side.

Hinata Fortnite
Popular in the TV series! So it's just good enough for you |©Epic Games

Rank 31: Rustler Skin

Whether it's the vibrant festivities of Mardi Gras in reality or the captivating realms of video games, cowgirls never fail to make a lasting impact. Rustler exemplifies this phenomenon, highlighting the unique charm and allure that cowgirl characters bring to the forefront.

This western skin hits different |©Epic Games

Rank 30: Dusty Skin

Dusty herself is already extraordinary, but when showcased on this wallpaper, it elevates her to an entirely new realm. Her impeccable sense of style, particularly with the short top, is truly awe-inspiring!

Fortnite dusty
GTA Players might want to use this one |©Epic Games

Rank 29: Black Widow (Snow Suit) Skin

It must be acknowledged that the sheer number of Marvel skins on this list is overwhelming. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that Epic executes them exceptionally well. Black Widow, specifically in her Snow Suit, is a shining example of this. Her charming hairstyle, complemented by those gentle eyes, possesses the ability to melt not only the snow but also our hearts.

Fortnite black widow snow suit
For all the Marvel fans, thats something for you! | ©Epic Games

Rank 28: Victoria Saint Skin

Victoria effortlessly emanates undeniable allure, eschewing the need for a provocative outfit. Her self-assured expression and long, flowing gray hair alone exude a captivating allure that is truly mesmerizing.

Victoria Saint
Damn, look at this Axe! |©Epic Games

Rank 27: Snowdancer Skin

Despite our best efforts, we are torn and unable to decide between the two versions. The captivating Snowdancer, with her ethereal white hair and eyes, possesses a magical charm that is truly enchanting. On the other hand, the resemblance of the other version to Bella Poarch is striking. It's indeed a difficult choice! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Fortnite snowdancer
Which one is better? |©Epic Games

Rank 26: Kalia Skin

Despite her captivating appearance, Kalia's striking beauty is often overlooked. With her Hawaiian-inspired style, she bears a resemblance to Vaiana. Moreover, wherever she goes, she brings vibrant colors, dons a stylish outfit, and seamlessly blends into the Fortnite island. She's a true-hidden gem that deserves recognition!

Fortnite kalia
Incredible blue tatoos |©Epic Games

Rank 25: Hangtime Skin

While Hangtime may bear some resemblance to Ruby, there's no denying that she deserves a spot on the list. The crossover between Fortnite and Jordan not only adds an incredible cool factor but also gives the skin a sizzling hot appeal.

Fortnite Hangtime
Wanna hang out with this skin on the battlefield? |©Epic Games

Rank 24: Helsie Skin

Hlsie is undeniably adorable, but what truly adds to her charm is her mischievous and naughty streak. We can't help but adore that aspect of her personality!

Fortnite helsie
Be a rebell with this nice skin |©Epic Games

Rank 23: Beach Jules Skin

While we were already enthusiastic supporters of Jules, her summer attire elevates our admiration to new heights. The fusion of short shorts and tattoos creates an ideal summer aesthetic, and her punk-inspired appearance undeniably exudes a captivating allure.

Beach Jules
Trust us, everbody will be looking out |©Epic Games

Rank 22: Chun-Li Skin

For Fortnite players who have Chun-Li in their locker, the reasons for her selection are evident. Her appearance from the rear perspective, to put it simply, offers an enjoyable sight.

Fortnite Chun Li
How about some Martial Arts |©Epic Games

Rank 21: Reina Skin

Our admiration for anime characters with silver hair runs deep, and it's indisputable that Reina stands as one of Fortnite's most exceptional Christmas skins. While she exudes a delightful holiday allure with her antlers, there's no denying the immense strength she possesses beneath those horns.

Fortnite Reina
If you are a pirate fan, this might be something for you |©Epic Games

Rank 20: Eivor Varinsdottir Skin

Excuse the slip of the tongue. Oops, my apologies. M... Alright, I'll refrain from continuing! Although Eivor is far from wearing crop tops or tight sportswear - obviously - there is an irresistible allure in her intense and fierce demeanor that holds a remarkable attractiveness.

Fortnite eivor varinsdottir
The skin for real warriors |©Epic Games

Rank 19: Fable Skin

Can you recall Fable? She made her appearance in the Battle Pass during Chapter 1, Season 6, which seems like a distant memory now, more than three years ago! It's regrettable that encounters with her on the island have become less frequent these days. Nevertheless, she remains a striking and endearing skin in Fortnite, a precious gem that should never be overlooked.

Fortnite fable
Hooded assains anyone? |©Epic Games

Rank 18: Captain Marvel Skin

Let's face it: who among us doesn't have a hidden admiration for Captain Marvel? She personifies power, intelligence, and holds a special place in the hearts of Marvel fans. And, indeed, Epic has executed a remarkable integration, seamlessly bringing her to life within the Fortnite island.

Fortnite captain marvel
Bad movie, but nice skin, for sure! |©Epic Games

Rank 17: Kate Bishop Skin

Undoubtedly, the irresistible charm of the upcoming Marvel skin is hard to resist, and this time it features Kate Bishop, brilliantly portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld in the Hawkeye series. The skin impeccably captures the character's beauty, nearly matching the original. Our gratitude towards Epic knows no bounds for their incredible crossovers that bring immense joy to fans.

Kate bishop
Another one for all Marvel fans |©Epic Games

Rank 16: Lifeguard Skin

Despite being an OG skin from Chapter 1 Season 5, its enduring appeal and attractiveness remain undeniable even in the present day.

Fortnite lifeguard
Baywatch Fans might like this one |©Epic Games

Rank 15: Celeste Skin

We have a deep admiration for Celeste's alternative style that we simply adore! The fusion of cuteness and edginess creates a captivating and appealing aesthetic. The hairstyle and the top, in particular, are remarkably impressive, while the inclusion of star elements adds an additional layer of charm to the overall design of the skin.

Fortnite Celeste
We are simply star struck by this skin |©Epic Games

Rank 14: Beach Crystal Skin

The summer season is sizzling hot, and Beach Crystal is fully equipped for the beach with her trendy swimwear. Fortnite Cosmic Summer not only turned up the temperature, but also brought a thrilling wave of content.

Crystal Fortnite Hottest female skins
For everyone, who likes the color blue |©Epic Games

Rank 13: Lara Croft Skin

It would have been impossible to ignore the presence of one of the most legendary video game characters in history. Lara Croft has been a part of gaming culture long before the time of many Fortnite players, and it is gratifying to witness her evolution with a more realistic physique throughout the years. Those who have experienced the earlier Tomb Raider games can truly appreciate the significance of this transformation. Lara is not only a fearless adventurer but also a remarkable and captivating woman in every sense.

Larar croft fortnite skin season6
How about a battle royale win with Lara Croft |©Epic Games

Rank 12: Charlotte Skin

Presenting the enigmatic woman adorned in black attire. Not only does she possess a remarkable default outfit, but she also exudes an additional level of allure with her sleek white-robed assassin variation, enhancing her overall coolness.

Charlotte Fortnite
Want to play like a Ninja, then this skin is perfct for you |©Epic Games

Rank 11: Harley Quinn Skin

It's nearly impossible not to be enamored by her, whether it's within the pages of comics, the silver screen, or right here in Fortnite. Harley and her unpredictable antics exude an irresistible charm that ignites an undeniable fascination. Her captivating charisma remains unparalleled and is a fact that is universally acknowledged.

Fortnite Harley Quinn hot
And finally something for all the DC fans |©Epic Games

Rank 10: Fyra Skin

Through this skin, we fully embrace our primal nature. Fyra entices us into a realm where simplicity reigns supreme, and we eagerly join her on the thrilling pursuit.

Fyra Fortnite
Win the Battle Royal, even under harsh conditions |©Epic Games

Rank 9: Gia Skin

Gia's appearance is an epitome of perfection. Every aspect, from her flawless hairstyle to the intricate body paintings and the impeccable outfit, blends together seamlessly. As the esteemed leader of her clan, Gia radiates unwavering confidence and determination, which is impeccably reflected in her expression.

Fortnite Gia
Rule the Ring with this skin |©Epic Games

Rank 8: Ariana Grande Skin

Ariana's irresistible allure is unparalleled, making it almost unjust to pit her against others on the list. Her mesmerizing live event was nothing short of awe-inspiring, serving as the apex of Fortnite experiences. If you haven't had the chance yet, we strongly recommend immersing yourself in The Rift Tour—it promises an extraordinary journey unlike anything else.

Ariana grande fortnite concert skin
Feel the music, while winning your battle royale | ©Epic Games

Rank 7: Kyra Skin

Kyra exudes a striking resemblance to a supermodel, leaving no doubt about her allure. Her casual yet irresistibly seductive outfit flawlessly complements her appearance. The sleek and tightly pulled back ponytail accentuates her captivating face and mesmerizing eyes. Collectively, this skin emanates a breathtaking level of beauty.

Perfect to hide in green enviroments | ©Epic Games

Rank 6: Aura Skin

Aura has consistently made appearances on our lists, and it's for good reason. Her deserving of recognition is undeniable. With her lovely visage, adorable hairstyle, and effortlessly stylish attire, she emanates an aura of undeniable beauty.

Hottest female fortnite skin aura
This skin look even better with the fire in the background |© Epic Games

Rank 5: Athleisure Assassin Skin

Assassin seamlessly blends athleticism and allure, regardless of her selected style variation. Her captivating presence leaves no room for uncertainty, and it's undeniable that no one would ever dare to disturb her tranquility, no matter the attire she adorns.

Athleisure Assassin
From the Fortnite Summer Splash comes a fanatastic skin | ©Epic Games

Rank 4: Erisa Skin

Erisa, the princess from a realm lost to the ages, possesses a captivating allure rooted in her endearing nature rather than fiery appeal. Yet, isn't that equally awe-inspiring in its own right?

Fortnite erisa
Another highly rated anime-skin |©Epic Games

Rank 3: Demi Skin

Demi exudes an extraordinary level of beauty with her confident demeanor, seductive mini dress, and elegant high heels. The stylish up-do adds the perfect finishing touch to her look. Whether in her striking red or captivating blue versions, it's hard to decide where to direct our attention with such an alluring presence.

Such a beautiful skin |©Epic Games

Rank 2: Beach Ruby Skin

Ruby effortlessly maintains an incredibly appealing appearance, even in her sporty outfit with a hoodie, she manages to exude a special charm. However, it's her beach look that truly steals the show. The brown hair complements the vibrant red outfit flawlessly, adding an extra touch of allure to her overall appearance.

Strandpromenaden ruby
The summer is coming |© Epic

Rank 1: Doublecross Skin

Doublecross, an essential component of the Red Lily Set, possesses an irresistible charm heightened by her mysterious persona. However, one should exercise caution before crossing paths with a woman who boldly showcases a gun holster even in her beach ensemble. It serves as a reminder that she is formidable, demanding reverence wherever she treads.

And this is our winner! |© Epic Games

So there you have it, the 35 hottest female skins in Fortnite!