Don't Let The xQc Debacle Distract You From The Worst Reaction Content Creator Out There

We've talked a lot about the H3H3 xQc debate in recent days, but don't let it distract you from the worst reaction content creator out there.

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Although xQc exists, SssniperWolf might well be the worst reaction content creator out there. | © SssniperWolf via YouTube

Reaction YouTubers have always been a hot topic of discussions. For those of you that have been watching YouTube for quite some time, the names Jinx and Fine Bros will come to mind. The pioneers of reaction content on YouTube - if you ask them, at least.

These YouTubers have faced criticism even before they were at their peak. IdubbbzTV's now infamous series "Content Cop" featured both Jinx and the Fine Bros. To this day, people discuss whether reaction content should be allowed on YouTube or not.

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In recent days, we talked quite a bit about the H3H3 vs. xQc debate. H3H3 has always been against the majority of reaction channels, whilst xQc reacts to videos on a daily basis for hours on end. But we might've forgotten about a creator much worse than xQc...

Don't Let The xQc Debacle Distract You From The Worst Reaction Content Creator Out There

With more than 34 Million subscribers on YouTube, SssniperWolf is the 106th largest YouTuber according to Socialblade. With more than 250 Million views in the past 30 days, SssniperWolf is one of the biggest content creators out there. But her content isn't as high-class as her numbers.

The YouTuber jacksfilms recently made a video critiquing SssniperWolf for her content. The two content creators have been in a clinch for some time. After his latest video, jacksfilms started reacting to SssniperWolf's reaction on his second channel and his Twitch livestream.

In his video, jacksfilms points out that most of SssniperWolf's content are reactions on TikTok's. In some of them you are able to spot the account that posted the TikTok originally, sometimes you can't. At times the video has already been stolen from the original source and posted on another TikTok channel for some clout.

Jacksfilms asked some of the original content creators if SssniperWolf got permission to use their content. Unsurprisingly, she has not. He also shows that her reacting to a creator does not help the creator in any way. There is no significant rise in views after SssniperWolf reacted to creators.

Another point of criticism is, that SssniperWolf doesn't add anything to the TikTok's. In most cases, she reads what can be seen on screen and narrates, what is happening, adding some overdramatic reactions here and there. Jacksfilms argues that her content doesn't fall under the Fair Use policy of Google.

SssniperWolf's content isn't unique, she adds almost nothing to the TikTok's she watches, but she uploads every day. Jacksfilms shows her predictability in those videos by playing Bingo while reacting to her videos with his community on Twitch. It is entertaining and saddening at the same time. SssniperWolf earns millions of dollars with stealing the content of other people, while the original creators don't get a single penny from her. It's a shame, if you ask me.

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