Heart of Stone Is An Insult To Spy Movies That Even Gal Gadot Can't Save

Gal Gadot alone is often enough to make a movie a worthwhile experience, but not Heart of Stone. The spy movie, even Wonder Woman, herself can't save got mixed reviews – for good reasons.

Heart of Stone
Not even Gal Gadot can save Heart of Stone │© Netflix

Netflix Originals are infamous for more often than not being... well, bad. But with Gal Gadot on board, it shouldn't be too bad, right? Reviewers don't seem to agree.

As the Netflix movie hit the streaming platform, reviews on Rotten Tomatoes quickly poured in and they aren't that favorable. Here's what you're in for if you still want to give Gal Gadot a chance.

Critics Are Unimpressed With Wonder Woman's Spy Career

It looked so promising: Gal Gadot as Agent Rachel Stone meets Parker, played by Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan in a thrilling spy adventure.

When the movie came to Netflix on August 11, 2023, audiences were left disappointed. The scores on Rotten Tomatoes were less than favorable and the only saving grace of Heart of Stone seems to be the lead actress.

Heart of Stone Rotten Tomatoes
Reviews don't look too good. │ © Rotten Tomatoes

What's The Movie About?

Rachel Stone is not your average spy: she's part of a group known as Charter with its members only consisting of elite spies. Working for humanity as a whole and not a specific nation, they rely on "The Heart."

"If you own the Heart, you own the world," as Parker explains in the trailer is enough reason for the baddies to try and snatch it. That doesn't fly with Wonder Wo- I mean with Rachel Stone.

But better look for yourself:

And while the trailer actually looks pretty good, Netflix seemingly couldn't follow up in the 2-hour-action-spectacle. On release day, the reviews leave a bitter taste in Gadot fans' mouths with a Tomatometer score of a measly 33%.

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