Baldur's Gate 3: Mark Of The Absolute Pros & Cons

In the Baldur's Gate 3 you have to decide whether to get the Mark Of The Absolute. Here are the pros and cons.

Baldurs Gate 3 The Absolute
Baldur's Gate 3: Is it worth it getting the sign of the Absolute? We have the answers for you! | © Larian Studios

With Baldur's Gate 3 being full of decision-making, getting the mark of the Absolute in particular is a highly impactful decision that can't be undone.

While you're investigating the whole situation around the Absolute and the goblins, you'll be presented the option to get the mark of the Absolute for yourself.

I sense spoilers in the next section, instead to spoil the fun around the Absolute, we have another great guide for you:

But is it worth it? Worth changing the direction of the story itself? We have the answers for you!

Baldur's Gate 3: Pro & Contra For The Mark

Baldurs Gate 3 Sign of the Absolute
Baldur's Gate 3: You've already seen this sign on different occasions throughout the story. | © Larian Studios

After arriving at the goblin camp, you'll eventually meet the goblin Priestess Gut, also with a parasite sitting in her head, manipulating her some way. She's branding all the other peoples with the strength of the Illithid powers.

Gut will grant you the opportunity of getting the mark, if you so wish, but is it worth the prize?

As for now, there aren't any known potential drawbacks of getting the sign. As it's visible at your hand, you can either show or hide it with a glove.

You won't have any negative side effects, but a lot of benefits. These are the things the sign grants you:

  • Receive special dialogue options
  • Use specific Absolute gear
  • Grand access to a special ending

After you got branded with the mark. You're able to progress the quest "Removing the Parasite" even further.

For anyone who wishes to see every single ending, getting this mark is mandatory. And as it has no negative effects, granting you also very good equipment, I see no harm in getting the mark if you so desire (except if you're a goody two shoes Paladin).

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