World Of Warcraft To Get A Fortnite Boss

A new, unexpected gaming crossover is on the horizon. Apparently Fortnite and World of Warcraft will mix their worlds! Here come the details.

Fortnite World of Warcraft
Are the worlds of World of Warcraft and Fortnite mixing? | © Epic Games / Blizzard

There is no game out there that has as many crossovers as Fortnite. And after an Elder Scrolls skin was leaked, information about the next collaboration has now surfaced. Apparently, there will be a Fortnite x World of Warcraft crossover. We have the details.

World of Warcraft May Be Getting A Fortnite Boss

Wowhead has found exciting discoveries in the files of a future WoW patch.

Because in a WoW update file that apparently belongs to a boss opponent, many spell descriptions were discovered that contained clear allusions to Fortnite, such as:

  • Cranking 90s
  • One Pump
  • Shockwave Bomb
  • Slurp Drink
  • Disco Bomb
  • High Ground
  • Glug Jug

The associated NPC is said to be named "The Renegade Looter" and is likely to be a boss opponent. His mechanics include the ability to "quickly build a tower to gain the upper hand" and a healing ability that lets him "consume the Glug Jug to restore full health".

Another of his abilities is "The Storm", known to Fortnite players as the Evil Ring, from which they must flee to the zone to avoid taking damage.

This would all be an insanely big coincidence if it wasn't somehow connected to Fortnite.

At the time of writing, nothing official is known about this strange crossover. But if all of these things are showing up in WoW, we can also assume that the RPG game will also be coming to Fortnite in some form.

As soon as we have more information, we will of course update this article for you.

For those of you who know WoW by name at most: World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG ever. First released in 2004, WoW received the Guinness World Record for the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game in 2009. To this day, it is played by millions of players.

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