Warzone's New Sniper - The Carrack .300 : How To Unlock & Best Loadout

The WA 2000 is coming back to CoD! This sniper was in MW2, BO1 and MW3, and now it's coming to MWII. It's a fast-firing, semi-auto sniper. Here's how to unlock the Carrack, as well as the best loadout for Warzone.

Carrack 300
Warzone Carrack 300: How To Unlock. | © Activision

Warzone & MWII Season 5 is here, and the game is finally playable. The devs admitted they were wrong with their initial design of Warzone 2, and now the movement and TTK have improved massively. Hopefully, we get even more improvements before Modern Warfare 3's release.

But new seasons are about more than just balance changes. We also get new content each season, and that includes new weapons. In Season 5 we got a new sniper called the Carrack .300. It can't one shot people, and so we don't expect it to be very popular. But if you want to get your hands on the Carrack, here is a guide on how to unlock the new sniper in Warzone.

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How To Unlock The Carrack .300 In Warzone

To unlock the Carrack .300 in Warzone & MW2 you need to progress the Battle Pass until you've completed sector E7. And as this is a free reward you don't even need to pay for the premium Battle Pass, just level it up and you will unlock the Carrack.

If you buy the BlackCell version of the Battle Pass then you start with 20 levels of the Battle Pass already unlocked (for PlayStation users it's 25 levels), and so you can unlock the Carrack immediately if you go with this method. If you want to save your money and level up the free Battle Pass organically, we suggest DMZ as the fastest XP-grind.

Best Loadout For The Carrack .300

Carack 300
The best Carrack .300 loadout. | © Activision
Attachment SlotAttachment
MuzzleFTAC Reaper
BarrelHeavy-Tac 300
OpticForge Tac Delta
Magazine15 Round Mag
Why have we gone for recoil control and extended mags, you might be wondering? That's because we want to use it more like a Marksman Rifle than a Sniper, so we need to land our follow-up shots.

Should you bother with the Carrack? We think Ranked players who can't use one-shot snipers anyway will enjoy the Carrack, but if you're strictly a Resurgence player we honestly don't think you'll get much use out of it. Either way, we hope you found this unlock guide helpful.

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