Big Valorant Streamers Miss Out on VCT LOCK//IN Watch Party

Riot just released an official list of all co-streamers for the upcoming VCT LOCK//IN tournament, and well, it's pretty controversial.

Lock in watch party poster
Are your favorite streamers on the list? | © Riot Games

Every big VCT event usually means a community watch party with your favorite streamers on Twitch; it's such a good alternative to the traditional caster's desk, which is often just too formal, especially for the younger part of the audience. So, Riot had to admit that this concept is a fine one and kind of took it for themselves, creating an official list of watch party hosts for the upcoming VCT major, which, well, not everyone agrees with.

Check out all the rosters competing at VCT LOCK/IN:

Controversial VCT LOCK/IN Watch Party Host List

This time, the VCT major will take place without a watch party on the part of Valorant streamers such as AverageJonas, Hiko, Subroza, and Marved, and what is more, there are very few streamers from the North American region. Here is how the whole list looks like:

Now, it's probably not as simple as "Riot didn't invite them", because we're guessing that the terms that Riot Games may have offered were simply inconvenient for some streamers, so they just decided not to skip this opportunity. As some of you can see, most of these streamers are relatively small, and they are just building their name by streaming Valorant on, which is also a good thing, as this will undoubtedly help them. Overall, it seems like a really cool accolade on Riot's part for the hard-working content creators, but they didn't leave out the big nicknames like Kyedae or even Disguised Toast, who recently created its own Valorant roster.


And what do you think about this controversy? Will you be missing a watch party from some of your favorite streamers? Join our Discord and be sure to share your feelings with us!