VCT LCQ Pacific 2023: One Of The Longest Valorant Matches In History Has Taken Place

The LCQs alone are stress-inducing, given that they represent the final opportunity to earn a spot in the most prestigious Valorant event.

Zeta RR Qending
The unforgettable moment in VCT history | © Riot Games

Extended games can take a toll physically and mentally, and the outcome can be quite exhausting. While there have been previous records like "The Longest Match in History of Valorant," it was just a pub record. However, a VCT LCQ game going for 40 rounds can be a breathtaking spectacle.

Not the Longest, But Memorable

Although not claiming the title for the longest Valorant game in VCT history, the Zeta vs. RRQ match left many people wondering if they had witnessed a historic moment, given its intense and gripping nature.

Here are some games longer than this one:

  • VCT 2021 EMEA League 3 Challengers Playoffs: forZe 24:22 FunPlus Phoenix
  • VCL 2023 Vietnam Split 2: The Mad Men 22:24 TWOKAY
  • VCL 2023 Japan Split 2 Open Qualifier: teamduration 25:23 Taikao Motto Huete

The available data only revealed this limited information about the matches reaching the "later stage." Hence, we can conclude that the Zeta vs. RRQ game isn't the absolute longest in VCT history, but it's close.

Zeta Emerges Victorious in a 40-Round Decider Map

Let's move beyond statistics and records to discuss the game itself. Valorant games are notorious for their unpredictability. During Map 1, Haven, RRQ dominated Zeta, leaving them with little room to breathe.

RRQ claimed Haven with a score of 13-2, and Zeta seemed helpless on that map. However, the second map, Split, showcased a revitalized Zeta with clearer strategies, and Dep began to shine.

Dep Sets New Kill Record on LAN

The perfect timing for Dep to set a new kill record was in this match. Despite a relatively slower pace and some unfortunate situations, Map 3 presented his moment to shine. The Child of God ensured that Zeta didn't drop down to the lower bracket and seized the opportunity to prove his worth.

Dep concluded the game with an impressive 42 kills in the second-longest game in VCT history.

The path to the record was nail-biting and deserved every ovation and hype it received from Twitch chat. During the final round, with the score at 20-19 in favor of his team, he defended the spike against two opponents from the Boat area on Ascent. He secured both frags, clutched the round, and etched his name into VCT history.

Zeta Division vs. Rex Regum Qeon Match Stats

Game statistics:

Map Result


Zeta Division 2:13 Rex Regum Qeon
Split Zeta Division 13:8 Rex Regum Qeon
Ascent Zeta Division 21:19 Rex Regum Qeon

Top fraggers of the game:

Player ACS K/D/A

RRQ xffero

275 66 / 51 / 27
ZETA Dep 215 66 / 55 / 17
ZETA TENNN 221 62 / 58 / 10
RRQ Lmemore 250 70 / 54 / 12

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