VCT Challengers NA 2023 Split 1: Full Schedule

VCT Challengers NA started on February 1, and we have a list of dates for you to save in your calendar!

Vct challengers na full schedule
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Although the VCT Challengers is a tier-two league, it seems it will enjoy similar interests to the main one, especially if you look at what teams will be competing there. By the way, who would have thought that this league would generate so much excitement already before it even started — Sinatraa returning to competitive play, Disguised Toast forming his own Valorant roster... wow.

But now the question is, where and when can you watch the VCT Challengers NA? So, in this article, you will find this exact answer.

VCT Challengers NA 2023 Split 1: When & Where To Watch

You will be able to watch all VCT Challengers NA matches on the official VALORANT channel on Split 1 will run from February 1 to March 17 with 6 matches a week.

Here is the current schedule of all matches that we will also update if needed:

Week 1 Schedule

Date (CEST time zone)Match

01.02, 11:00 PM

FaZe Clan vs G2 Esports
02.02, 02:00 AMThe Guard vs Disguised
02.02, 11:00 PMTSM vs MAD Lions

03.02, 02:00 AM

BreakThru vs Oxygen Esports
03.02, 11:00 PMShopify Rebellion vs Turtle Troops
04.02, 02:00 AMM80 vs OREsports

Week 2 Schedule

Date (CEST time zone)Match

08.02, 11:00 PM

Shopify Rebellion vs Oxygen Esports
09.02, 02:00 AMThe Guard vs OREsports
09.02, 11:00 PM

Disguised vs MAD Lions

10.02, 02:00 AM

M80 vs TSM
10.02, 11:00 PMFaZe Clan vs Turtle Troops
11.02, 02:00 AMG2 Esports vs BreakThru

Week 3 Schedule

Date (CEST time zone)Match

27.02, 11:00 PM

The Guard vs TSM
28.02, 02:00 AM

Turtle Troops vs BreakThru

28.02, 11:00 PMG2 Esports vs Oxygen Esports

01.03, 02:00 AM

FaZe Clan vs Shopify Rebellion

01.03, 11:00 PM

Disguised vs OREsports

02.03, 02:00 AMM80 vs MAD Lions

Week 4 Schedule

Date (CEST time zone)Match

08.03, 11:00 PM

M80 vs Disguised
09.03, 02:00 AMTSM vs OREsports
09.03, 11:00 PMG2 Esports vs Turtle Troops

10.03, 02:00 AM

The Guard vs MAD Lions
10.03, 11:00 PMShopify Rebellion vs BreakThru
11.03, 02:00 AMFaZe Clan vs Oxygen Esports

Week 5 Schedule

Week 5 Schedule is not determinate yet, as it depends on the match results. However, we will update this article as soon as we get any information about it, so be sure to bookmark this article for yourself.

If you feel lost in these whole Valorant eSports changes and are confused why players like ShahZaM and steel are playing in a tier-two league, be sure to check out our video on the VCT 2023 format:

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