VCT 2023 Roster Tracker: All EMEA Teams

Due to changes in the Valorant eSports system, true chaos happened on the scene, forming a mass of teams made of superstars. Let's check out what's in store for EMEA!

Vct rostermania
And who are you rooting for? | © Riot Games

What's going on right now in the competitive world of Valorant is one big mess, and if you're not a die-hard fan of eSports in this game, you may feel lost. Moreover, probably many of you who don't remarkably follow the eSports scene may be surprised in a while why virtually no team is left in the same form as in 2022. And to save you these headaches, we have prepared a list of all the rosters you will be able to watch during VCT 2023 for the EMEA region.

VCT 2023 Rosters: EMEA

Before we go into all these rosters, we would like to mention that we will regularly update this article. That said, if you want to be up-to-date with VCT 2023 news, make sure to bookmark it somewhere, and follow our Valorant eSports section.

BBL Esports

Bbl esports valorant
6-man roster with Turko! | © BBL Esports


Real NameRoleNationalityVCT 2022 Team
AsLanM4shadoWAli Osman BaltaPlayerTurkishBBL Esports
QutionerXDoğukan DuralPlayerTurkishBBL Esports
BraveEren KasırgaPlayerTurkishSuperMassive Blaze
SouhcNiİbrahim SağırPlayer / IGLTurkishSuperMassive Blaze
aimDLLHüseyin KabiştekePlayerTurkishBBL Esports
TurkoMehmet ÖzenPlayerTurkish

BBL Esports

VladBerke KantürkHead CoachTurkishBBL Esports / Giants
EpicMehmet Arda YıldızAssistant CoachTurkish

Fenerbahçe Esports / Parla Esports

BBL Esports are the definite underdogs of this VCT season. This roster is similar to the one we saw in 2022, although it includes two players from the previous SuperMassive Blaze squad – a talented Eren "Brave" Kasırga and İbrahim "SouhcNi" Sağır, who also became a team captain.

It's also worth noting that BBL Esports is a 6-man roster, which may give them a slight edge over other teams. Unfortunately, Turkish teams are not known for playing top Valorant; last year, BBL Esports lost virtually everything in the EMEA region. Still, this team definitely has some power in it, so we wouldn't completely underestimate it.


Fnatic valorant
Expect them to dominate. | © Fnatic


Real NameRoleNationalityVCT 2022 Team
BoasterJake HowlettPlayer / IGL



DerkeNikita SirmitevPlayerFinnishFnatic
LeoLeo JannessonPlayerSwedishGuild Esports


Timofey KhromovPlayerRussianM3 Champions (aka Gambit Esports)
AlfajerEmir Ali BederPlayerTurkish

Surreal Esports / Fnatic

kamykMaks RychlewskiPlayerPolishUCAM Esports Club
miniJacob HarrisHead CoachBritishFnatic

Fnatic is an organization that, from the very beginning, has had an incredible push for the best possible results in Valorant, and they can invest really a lot into it. Their roster for VCT 2023 is one of the best that has been formed in general, not just in EMEA.

The players who make up this roster are not only some of the best in terms of skill, but also some of the more experienced, and the fact that these players have already performed at major tournaments more than once gives them a huge advantage. 2022 has been a pretty good year for Fnatic, but the fact that they have not won a single Masters tournament has undoubtedly only strengthened the hunger for the organization to score some wins in the upcoming circuit.

FUT Esports

Fut esports valorant
Will Turkey shine in VCT 2023? | © FUT Esports


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
mojjBuğra KirazPlayerTurkishFUT Esports
qRaxsDoğukan BalabanPlayerTurkishFUT Esports


Konur Alp ŞahinPlayerTurkishFUT Esports
MujSerhat YükselPlayerTurkishBBL Esports
ATA KAPTANAta TanPlayerTurkishThunderbolts Gaming
MrFaliNFurkan YeğenPlayerTurkishFUT Esports
GAISEray Sarıkaya

Head Coach

TurkishFUT Esports
NEDNAGGNafi Ercan Durmuş

Assistant Coach

TurkishVivace Esports

FUT Esports is another Turkish organization that is a definite underdog in the VCT 2023 circuit, whose biggest achievement to date is winning the VRL 2022 Finals. We haven't seen them play much in 2022, and it's hard to expect out-of-this-world performance from them, as many of these players are just starting out in eSports. Still, what we hear from many people from the Turkish community, they are the best team from the Middle East region, and that is quite a statement, but as we haven't seen them too much yet, we can't really confirm or deny it.


Giants g2 navi players
Do you believe in this mix? | © Riot Games


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
rhymeEmir MuminovicPlayer / IGL


Gen.G Esports
CloudKirill NehozhinPlayer


Natus Vincere
nukkyeŽygimantas ChmieliauskasPlayerLithuanianG2 Esports
Fit1nhoAdolfo GallegoPlayerSpanishGiants
hoodyAaro PeltokangasPlayerFinnishG2 Esports
pipsoNDaniil MeshcheryakovCoachRussianG2 Esports
MilanMilan de MeijAnalystDutchAcend

Giants is a mix formed from several organizations, but the most notable are primarily representatives from the previous G2 Esports roster, as they have two players and a main coach here. This roster was formed in November 2022 and seemed promising right from the start, especially since there is no player here that you can doubt in terms of skill, so expect many exciting Vandal duels while watching them.

We are very curious about the results of this roster, especially since (as you can see in the table above) all the players are from entirely different parts of the world and have started playing with each other in such a lineup relatively recently. As of the time of writing this article (January 2023), they have only played one tournament with this lineup and finished third in it, but it's hard to say anything about what we can expect from them. That said, as of now, we see Giants as a type of team that can both win and lose everything.

Karmine Corp

Karmine corp scream team
aka Headshot Corp. | © Karmine Corp


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
ScreaMAdil BenrlitomPlayer / IGLBelgianTeam Liquid
NiveraNabil BenrlitomPlayer


Team Liquid


Alexis HumbertPlayerFrenchSector One / Karmine Corp
ShinRyad EnsaadPlayerFrenchWYLDE / Karmine Corp


Alexandre FortéPlayerFrench


pmArthur GuillermetHead CoachFrenchTeam Vitality / Karmine Corp
ZE1SHAhmed El SheikhAssistant CoachFrenchTeam Vitality / Karmine Corp

Every team in which ScreaM plays has always had a lot of eyes on it, continuously for more than a decade; and well, it's no different in this case. Although, aside from him and his brother Nivera, most of the team seems to be fairly novice and outliers in experience, ScreaM believes they will be able to take Valorant eSports to the next level. Seriously, that's a quote.

What is more, besides the famous headshot brothers, the organization also has an ex-CSGO pro in their Valorant roster, and that is "Alexandre "xms" Forté, who played for teams like Envy, LDLC and Heretics, and has also some experience playing with ScreaM, which sounds like a good thing. However, Karmine Corp has virtually no VCT experience as an organization. They have played in some tournaments before the franchising program, but without much success. Still, perhaps it will change now!

KOI Esports

Koi esports valorant
Will purple color dominate Valorant again? | © KOI Esports


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team

Partyk Kopczyński



koldamentaJose Luis Aranguren HerreroPlayerSpanishGuild Esports


Bogdan NaumovPlayer


M3 Champions (aka Gambit Esports)

WolfenBerkant JoshkunPlayerBulgarianCase Esports
trexxNikita CherednichenkoPlayer


Guild Esports
BARBARRAndré MöllerHead CoachSwedishGuild Esports
gokedAlex KieAssistant CoachSpanishCase Esports

KOI Esports is a Spanish organization formed by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué, so it is clear that people expected them to invest in the best possible roster that will dominate eSports. Have they got it? Well, this roster is another mix, and it consists of players from the top EMEA organizations, and it looks pretty promising. Honestly, we would be surprised if this roster wouldn't go far in the VCT 2023 circuit.

Just like other prominent organizations such as Fnatic or Team Liquid, they have invested in players from Guild and Gambit. However, one interesting addition here is Patryk "starxo" Kopczyński, whom we haven't seen much of in 2022, but nevertheless, keep in mind that he helped lead Acend to win the first-ever world championship tournament in Valorant.

Natus Vincere

Natus vincere valorant roster top
This one organization that is born to win. | © Natus Vincere


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
cNedMehmet Yağız İpekPlayerTurkishAcend
SUYGETSUDmitry IlyushinPlayerRussianFunPlus Phoenix
ShaoAndrey KiprskyPlayerRussian

FunPlus Phoenix

ZyppanPontus EekPlayerSwedishFunPlus Phoenix


Kyrylo KarasovPlayer / IGLUkrainianFunPlus Phoenix
d00mbr0sOliwer FahlanderHead CoachSwedishFunPlus Phoenix
LATEKSErik SandgrenAssistant CoachSwedishGiants

Now, THIS is a roster! So, Natus Vincere is basically a former FunPlus Phoenix roster without Ardis "ardiss"Svarenieks who is now playing for NRG. Still, he has been repleced with Mehmet "cned" İpek who is considered by people like TenZ as the best Duelist player in the EMEA region at one point.

Until now, the Natus Vincere organization hasn't really won anything on the Valorant scene, but that's sure to change now. These are the absolute best players from the EMEA region, and their recent achievements include winning VCT Copenhagen and finishing fourth at VCT Champions 2022, and we can't forget their fantastic performance at EMEA Challengers 2022, but also the bad luck they had when they couldn't go to VCT Reykjavik. So yeah, if there is one roster in this listing that we would bet on, this is the one – they will win something; you can be sure of that.

Team Heretics

Team heretics vct zeek mixwell
This circuit can't have enough superteams. | © Team Heretics


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
mixwellÓscar Cañellas ColochoPlayerSpanishG2 Esports
zeekAleksander ZygmuntPlayer


BooRičardas LukaševičiusPlayer


AvovAAuni ChahadePlayer


G2 Esports

keloqzWassim CistaPlayer


G2 Esports
neilzinhoNeil FinlayHead CoachBritishG2 Esports
weberBrandon WeberAssistant CoachBritish


Team Heretics is another superteam that consists of ex-players from organizations such as G2 Esports, OG LDN UTD, and Acend. In fact, this is where you can see the most G2 Esports out of all partnered rosters, so if you've been a fan of this organization, you might want to root for Team Heretics now.

If you look at this roster closer, it is a bit familiar to the G2 Esports roster we saw in 2021, and this was a version of G2 that was a bit more successful; remember how well they played at the Masters: Berlin tournament? We feel like those were the prime days for G2 Valorant, and if combined with experience (zeek) and fresh blood (Boo), we can't wait to see these gentlemen in action.

Team Liquid

Team liquid 2023 vct
This looks like a dream roster on paper. | © Team Liquid


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
RedgarIgor VlasovPlayer / IGLRussian

M3 Champions (aka Gambit Esports)

nAtsAyaz AkhmetshinPlayerRussianM3 Champions (aka Gambit Esports)
soulcasDom SulcasPlayerBritish

Team Liquid

JamppiElias OlkkonenPlayer


Team Liquid

dimasickDmitriy MatvienkoPlayerKazakhTeam Liquid
SayfSaif JibraeelPlayerSwedishGuild Esports
eMILEmil SandgrenHead Coach


Guild X / Team Liquid
7TeenTanner CurtisPerformance CoachAmericanTeam Liquid
Bacon9Jake LloydStrategic CoachBritishTeam Liquid

Now, this is a team that many of you are most likely hyped about the most, and no wonder. It looks super prepared for the upcoming tournaments as it is basically a previous Team Liquid roster but with three coaches and former M3 Champions/Gambit Esports players instead of ScreaM and Nivera. Sure, losing "headshot brothers' is a bit of meh, but come on, nAts and Redgar are surely worthy replacements. Moreover, this roster also contains Sayf, a super talented player from the previous Guild Esports roster that will probably take on a Duelist role.

We all know that Redgar has some good experience being an IGL, and that was actually something that Team Liquid needed for the most part; we all remember how all players switched to this role in the past months. That said, this roster has everything Team Liquid could dream about – top players from the region, a stable IGL, an additional member to back things up if needed, and three coaches. Hold on, now that we have listed it, we feel like it is even more than needed. Let's see how they will do in VCT 2023, as it looks hot for them on paper.

Team Vitality

Team vitality vct
It's fresh. | © Team Vitality


Real NameRole


VCT 2022 Team
BONECOLDSanteri SassiPlayer


MOLSIMichał ŁąckiPlayerPolishOG LDN UTD
ceNderJokūbas LabutisPlayerLithuanianTeam Vitality
DestrianTomas LinikasPlayerLithuanianOG LDN UTD


Karel AšenbrenerPlayerCzech


SalahSalah BarakatHead CoachBritishOG LDN UTD
GorillaHarry MephamAssistant CoachBritishFunPlus Phoenix / Team Vitality
StrongJoe EdwardsPositional CoachBritishOG LDN UTD

Team Vitality is a roster full of fresh blood; besides a super experienced BONECOLD, all these players are pretty much starting out, and even if they don't, they do come from smaller organizations and don't really have too much of experience. However, from their first matches, we can already see an enormous potential in this roster, but it is a similar case as with any super team here – anything can happen; they can both win and lose everything they play.

Most of the roster is a former OG LDN UTD squad, and they weren't the strongest team in VCT 2022, but they definitely had some power and won a couple of important matches. It is obviously an underdog team if we compare it to Fnatic, Natus Vincere, or Team Liquid, but it can really surprise, that is for sure.

Make sure to join our Discord and let us know which roster are you rooting for! Moreover, if you feel lost in this whole VCT 2023 system, we don't blame you, it is pretty complicated. And this is why we have prepared a video where we explain it all in just 3 minutes, so be sure to check it out: