VCT 2023: EMEA Last Chance Qualifier – Everything You Need To Know

Date, Teams, Format – We'll tell you everything you need to know about the VCT 2023: EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.

Are we prepared for the two EMEA teams that Berlin will send to sunny beach LA? | © Riot Games

Fnatic's victory at the 2023 Masters Tokyo has created an extra spot for an EMEA team in the upcoming Champions 2023. Tickets are available for sale, and the venues are ready to host the remaining teams aiming to join others in LA.

Which Teams Are Participating in EMEA's Last Chance Qualifier?

Team Vitality also qualified for the LCQ but decided not to participate due to the unfortunate passing of Twisten. It was the right decision as no one can replace Twisten, and the players are not in the right state to compete after losing their dear teammate and friend.

Rest in Peace Twisten, you will always be remembered by the Valorant community ♡.

The following teams will take part in the 2023 EMEA Last Chance Qualifier:

TeamCountrySlot Origin
KOISpain9th Place in EMEA League
Natus VincereUkraineWorst placed EMEA team in Masters Tokyo
GiantsSpain5th-6th Place in EMEA League
BBL EsportsTurkey7th Place in EMEA League
Team HereticsSpain8th Place in EMEA League
Karmine CorpFrance10th Place in EMEA League

Slot Origin indicates how each team qualified for a slot in the Last Chance Qualifier. Since Fnatic won in Tokyo, the team with the worst placement in Tokyo received a slot. Na'Vi had a tough time in the group stage and finished 11th overall in Masters, making them the last team to go to Berlin. The other teams are those that didn't qualify from their respective leagues.

When & Where Will VCT 2023 EMEA LCQ Take Place?

The Last Chance Qualifier will commence on the 19th of July and continue until the 23rd of the same month. It will be an offline qualifier, and the teams will travel to Berlin to compete against each other for the final 2 slots in Champions.

The event will be hosted at two venues:

  • Messe Berlin
  • Charlottenburg

Where Can I Purchase Tickets for the EMEA LCQ?

Tickets can be purchased online, with prices starting at €18 per ticket. You can buy tickets at the EMEA Online Valorant Ticket Shop.

LC Qemea Tickets
Only a few tickets are likely remaining, so hurry up if you plan to attend the LCQ | © Riot Games

VCT 2023 EMEA Last Chance Qualifier Format

The qualifiers will follow a 6-team Hybrid elimination format. In this format, the teams seeded 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th will compete in Single Elimination Quarter Finals. The top two seeded teams will receive a "def-win" and advance directly to the Upper Bracket Semifinals. The matches during and after the Semi-Finals will be played in a double elimination format.

The Lower Bracket Final and Upper Bracket Final games will be Best of Five. Since two teams secure slots, there won't be a need for a Grand Finals match. The winners of the Upper bracket finals and Lower bracket finals will directly proceed to Los Angeles.

To give you a better understanding of the format, here's a mock playoff table:

Quarter Finals (Single Elimination) Best of OneUpper Bracket SemifinalsUpper Bracket FinalsQualified Teams
3rd Seed vs 6th SeedWinner of 3rd & 6th vs 1st Seed TeamWinners of SemifinalsUpper Bracket Winner
4th Seed vs 5th SeedWinner of 4th & 5th vs 2nd Seed Team
Lower Bracket SemifinalsLower Bracket Finals
Losing teams from Upper BracketWinner of Lower Bracket: Losing team from Upper BracketLower Bracket Winner

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