VCT 2023 China Qualifier: Results, Playoff & More

It's less than two weeks that we will see three Chinese teams go to Los Angeles to battle in the Champions 2023.

Kangkang Masters1
KangKang is a standout player to watch in this qualifier | © Riot Games

Unlike other regions, the China Qualifier for VCT 2023 does not include a Last Chance Qualifier. Instead, it features a regular Qualifier where three teams will directly qualify and advance to Champions 2023.

Participating Teams in the VCT 2023 China Qualifier

The qualifier began on June 3rd (around two days ago) and will continue until June 16th. The Qualifier features numerous strong and well-known teams, providing an opportunity for any team to secure a slot in Champions 2023.

The following teams are competing in the Qualifier:

(For the playoff table, please scroll down)

Invited Teams
Current Placement
Final Placement
Attacking Soul Esports
In the Lower Bracket R1
EDward Gaming
In the Upper Bracket QF

Bilibili Gaming
In the Upper Bracket SF

FunPlus Phoenix
In the Upper Bracket QF

Preliminary Teams

In the Upper Bracket QF

Trace Esports
In the Upper Bracket SF

Team Weibo
In the Upper Bracket SF

Royal Never Give Up

Monarch Effect
In the Lower Bracket R1


Four Angry Men

Dragon Ranger Gaming

Results & Playoff Table of the VCT 2023 China Qualifier

The top section of the table shows the participating teams and their current standings. To provide you with live updates and a clear overview of the playoffs, we have an updated playoff table.

Before we proceed, let's explain the format of the Hybrid Elimination Bracket.

China Qualifier Format

The participating teams consist of two types of qualifiers:

  • Invited Teams
  • Preliminary Stage Teams

The top 2 teams from each act (Act 1 and Act 2) receive direct invitations and compete in the Upper Bracket. In Act 1, the top 2 teams were Attacking Soul Esports and EDward Gaming. In Act 2, the standings and qualifications were as follows:

The standings for Act 2 were:

  1. EDward Gaming
  2. Bilibili Gaming
  3. Attacking Soul Esports
  4. FPX

In this scenario, two teams have already received direct invitations, leaving room for the next two teams to secure their invites: Bilibili Gaming and FPX. The preliminary teams consist of the top 8 teams from the China Preliminaries.

Feng F1
FengF is delivering impressive performances for Trace Esports in this qualifier | © Riot Games

Now let's discuss the format. The Knockout Rounds feature Bo3 Single Elimination matches among the preliminary teams. The winners from the Knockout Rounds then face the Direct Invite teams in the Upper Bracket. The subsequent matches are Double Elimination Bo3, leading up to the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket finals, which are Best of Five.

China Qualifier Playoff Table Results

Here is the current Playoff Table:

Knockout Round
Upper Bracket QF
Upper Bracket SF

Upper Bracket Final
Grand Finals
Trace Esports 2-0 Four Angry Men
Attacking Soul Esports 1-2 Trace Esports
Trace Esports vs. Bilibili Gaming
Monarch Effect 2-1 Royal Never Give Up
Bilibili Gaming 2-0 Monarch Effect
FunPlus Phoenix vs. TYLOO
Team Weibo 2-1 Dragon Ranger Gaming
EDward Gaming vs. Team Weibo
Lower Bracket R1
Lower Bracket QF
Lower Bracket SF
Lower Bracket Final
Attacking Soul Esports vs. Monarch Effect

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