Valorant: Disguised is Back!

Toast just announced his Game Changers roster! They're already preparing for the next Tournament in North America.

Disguised GC1
Another unique team photo from Disguised | © Disguised

It has been nearly a month since Disguised abandoned Valorant after their failure to qualify for 2024 Challengers NA. Disguised has yet to finalize a roster for their main team but has officially signed one for their Disguised GC lineup.

Disguised GC Announces New Roster

It's now official, as announced by Toast himself. Disguised is making a comeback! The Disguised GC roster will be competing in the upcoming Game Changers Series II tournament, starting on July 13th. The previous GC squad received substantial criticism due to their roster, particularly featuring Kyedae, as they did not perform well in the previous tournament.

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This team takes a different approach as it doesn't include any content creators. Instead, it consists of experienced GC players like Hannah 'hannah' Reyes and Katherine 'katarina' Patrone, accompanied by young and promising players.

The Disguised GC Roster includes:

Nickname Name Nationality Role
Katarina Katherine Patrone American Player
hannah Hannah Reyes American/Filipino Player
misu // American Player
nathn Nathan Hoang American Player
unstable South Korean Player
chrisyong Chris Yong South Korean Head Coach

Will this roster be competitive enough to restore the reputation of Team Disguised? We will find out in just a few days.

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