Tokyo Masters: EDward Gaming Upsets LOUD

Experiencing a 2-0 defeat from EG, and then facing a similar outcome against EDward Gaming, was a tough blow for Valorant's most accomplished and prize-winning organization.

kangkang was very emotional after scoring 39 points in this bo2 | © Riot Games

LOUD has been eliminated! The runner-ups from the 2022 Masters Reykjavík fell short today against EG, losing 2-0 in a stylish manner.

EDward Gaming Dominates LOUD with a Spectacular Performance

Elimination games in the lower bracket can be as stressful as the finals because there's a lot at stake. LOUD secured the top spot in the VCT Americas League, which gave them the advantage of starting in the Upper Brackets for this year's Masters in Tokyo. However, as we can see, that advantage didn't help them at all.

Their first match was against another "EG" team, and here's how the games unfolded:

  1. Map: Fracture - LOUD 7 : 13 Evil Geniuses
  2. Map: Ascent - LOUD 5 : 13 Evil Geniuses
  3. Decider: Lotus - //

The notable similarity in both games was that the opposing team played similarly to LOUD when they were at their best during their championship-winning run in 2022. They showed great creativity, aggression, and unstoppable gameplay.

Here's how their match against the "other EG team" went:

  1. Map: Lotus - LOUD 6 : 13 EDward Gaming
  2. Map: Fracture - LOUD 10 : 13 EDward Gaming
  3. Decider: Blind - //
Tokyo Master D Summary
DRX also fell short, and they will be going home after getting 2-0'ed by NRG | © Riot Games

The most impressive highlight of this match was Kangkang (ZmjjKK)'s outstanding performance. He accumulated a total of 39 kills and scored the first kill in 9 rounds. EDward played with an intensity that made it seem like their lives depended on this game. They didn't give LOUD any breathing space on both maps. Fans are already getting excited about the Chinese team, and we're confident that the crowd will go wild in their next match against the losing side of Team Liquid versus Evil Geniuses.

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