This Valorant Pro Got Perma-Banned Due To Toxic Behavior

Riot Games has permanently banned Valorant Pro Vilius 'krea6on' Malinauskas from participating in Valorant Challengers East due to his escalated toxic behavior.

Toxic valo
Nobody needs players like this. | © Riot Games

Vilius 'krea6on' Malinauskas, a former professional player, has received a permanent ban from participating in Valorant East: United and Valorant Challengers East: Surge due to repeated instances of toxic behavior towards fellow players.

This ban not only prohibits him from competing in an online circuit focused on fostering opportunities for Eastern European players to excel in the scene, but it also effectively excludes him from all tier 2 competitions, potentially marking the end of his professional career.

While it is theoretically possible for krea6on to participate in other Challengers Leagues within the EMEA region, consisting of nine sub leagues, it is highly unlikely that he would be welcomed by other communities.

Why Did krea6on Get Perma-Banned?

On May 2, news spread through social media that the former VAMONOS player had been banned due to repeated instances of disturbing and toxic behavior during Valorant gameplay.

In a recent incident, NAVI content creator SoMarcus called out Krea6on for mocking his facial twitches and making derogatory comments about disabled individuals.

Following his call for organizations to take responsibility and impose a ban, numerous players and community members came forward to share their encounters with Krea6on, including an incident involving a sexist remark he made in August 2022.

Although the initial bans indicate that organizers are taking steps to eliminate toxic personalities from the game, we believe it would be even more impactful to see a stronger stance from Riot Games, who have not yet made a statement regarding this matter.

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