Fortnite x Elder Scrolls "Heroes of Tamriel": Price, Cosmetics & How To Get The Skin

A new, unexpected gaming legends crossover is in Fortnite. Hold on tight, because Elder Scrolls is here! We've got the price, cosmetics, and more for you!

Fortnite elder scrolls
The Elder Scrolls is in Fortnite! | © Epic Games / Bethesda

There is no game out there that has as many crossovers as Fortnite. And now a new, unexpected crossover has come to Battle Royale.

Epic Games has collaborated with Bethesda to bring a new gaming legend to Fortnite. And this time, it's the RPG video game Elder Scrolls! We have the details.

Fortnite "Heroes of Tamriel": Price & Cosmetics

It's not new, that Epic Games is collaborating with other game developers to bring well-known video game characters to Fortnite. Be it Lara Croft, Master Chief, The Witcher - they're all in Fortnite! However, the latest leaks have still knocked our socks off.

The set, named "Heroes of Tamriel", includes an outfit, a weapon wrap and a pickaxe, all suitably Viking-style of course. All cosmetics are only available in the Fortnite item shop and can only be purchased with V-Bucks.

This is an overview of all cosmetics and their prices:

Fortnite heroes of tamriel
The Nord Warrior is here. | © Epic Games
  • Nord Warrior skin: 1,200 V-Bucks
  • Ebonheart Battleaxe pickaxe: 800 V-Bucks
  • Nord Armor wrap: 300 V-Bucks

If you like the cosmetics, you should buy them quickly, because they are usually only available in the item shop for a short time, until they disappear for an uncertain period of time.

If you want to play Elder Scrolls, you can download the game for free in the Epic Games Store until June 27, 2023. After that, it will cost around 20 Dollar as usual.

The Elder Scrolls is an RPG computer game series by video game developer Bethesda Softworks, which first appeared in 1994 with the release of The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Probably the best known part is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but Bethesda is also currently working on The Elder Scrolls VI, although it is not yet known when the sixth part will be released.

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