Summoners War Chronicles: Codes (August 2023)

Com2uS Corp., the developers of Summoners War Chronicles, give free codes to the community every month. These codes can be redeemed in Summoners War Chronicles for Scrolls, Rune Boxes & Rewards. Here are the codes for this month, August 2023.

Summoners war chronicles
Summoners War Chronicles: Free Codes for you to redeem. | © Com2uS Corp.

Summoners War Chronicles lets you jump into the magical world of Alea. Here, the King of Rahil is asking for your help as a summoner to guard the kingdom against an evil conspiracy. To ensure you'll be strong enough for Summoners War Chronicles we've got free Codes for you.

The free Codes for Summoners War Chronicles will provide you with lots of stuff. Besides general rewards the Codes will get you various potions and scrolls to improve your abilities and futhermore Rune Boxes and materials to improve your monsters -and of course gold. These free codes for Summoners War are released regularly so

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How Do You Redeem Free Codes In Summoners War Chronicles on different platforms?

Before we get to the Codes, let's have a look at how you actually use them. Once you installed Summoners War Chronicles on your mobile or PC, and you're playing the game, follow these steps:

How to redeem codes on Android and PC

  1. Open your menu
  2. Click on the little megaphone icon to open the News category
  3. Now click on "Coupon Exchange" at the bottom of the News category
  4. Enter the code you want to redeem - double check it and claim it.

How to redeem codes on iOS

  1. Open the settings on the main menu by clicking the cog-shaped button in the bottom right corner
  2. Now another button will pop up - click it
  3. The game will take you to the settings screen where you'll find a box that says "CS Code".
  4. Copy the number and move on to the coupon exchange website. Enter the code you want to redeem.
  5. Check if you entered your code correctly and hit "Use Coupon" button.
Summoners War Chronicles How To Redeem
That's how you redeem free codes in Summoners War Chronicles! | © Com2uS Corp.

If you entered an active code for Summoners War Chronicles you'll get a notification. Be careful, the codes are only valid for a period of time - we got the active codes for you!

Active Summoners War Chronicles Codes (August 2023)

This was last updated on August 11

Here are your Summoners War Chronicle codes for August 2023. We update and test our code guide weekly so you can be sure to have the latest codes:

  • LUCKY7JULY - Use the code for Free Rewards
  • 1UPDATE629 - Use the code for 300 Premium EXP Potions, 5★ Rainbowmon x4, 300,000 Gold
  • 2UPDATE629 - Use the code for 30 Essence Selection Boxes, 1,000 Breath of Life Breath of Life
  • 3UPDATE629 - Use the code for 5★ Devilmon
  • DRAGOND3 - Use the code for x4 5★ Rainbowmon
  • D2KNIGHT- Use the code for x4 5★ Rainbowmon

That's a lot of codes!

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Expired Summoners War Chronicles Codes

Unfortunatly these codes are already expired so don't worry in using one of these:

  • AKA04NAOMI - Gold x100,000, Essence of Magic x100
  • 0111YOURLD - 3 Star Light and Dark Selection Ticket x1
  • 01EVOLVE12 - 3 Star Rainbowmon x24, Premium EXP Potion x120, Breath of Life x120
  • AWAKEN0113 - Gold x250,000, Essence of Magic x25, Breath of Life x200
  • RAKAJA04 - Angelmon(Wind) x1, Essence of Wind x20
  • AKA05CHLOE - Sky Stone x15,000, Breath of Life x150
  • AKA02KONAMIYA - Angelmon (Water) x1, Essence of Water x20
  • AKA03ISELIA - Angelmon (Fire) x1, Essence of Fire x20
  • AKA01SHANNON - Angelmon (Wind) x1, Essence of Wind x20
  • HAPPYTHANKSGIVING22 - Fire Scroll x1, Water Scroll x1, Wind Scroll x1
  • THANKFUL4ALL - Premium EXP Potion x20, Chaos Essence Box x20, 4 Star RainBowmon, Breath of Life x50
  • EGGNOG16 - Breath of Life x100
  • GINGERBREAD19 - Sky Stone x35,000
  • TRYSEAL22 - Gold x1,000,000
  • 2022XMAS - 5 Star Monster Selection Ticket (Water, Fire, Wind)
  • POWER04UP - 5 Star Hero Rune Box x6, Expedition Ticket x3
  • HNY2023SWCH - 5 Star Rainbowmon x4
  • HELLO2023 - Brilliant Jewelry Box x5
  • GUILDRAID01 - 5 Star Rainbowmon x4, 4 Star Rainbowmon x12, Essence of Magic x300, Breath of Life x150
  • ENJOYGALAGOS - 5 Star Legend Rune Box x6, Brilliant Spell Book Box x6, Supreme Galaxy Stone Box x6, Essence of Magic x300

It really is a shame that these Summoners War Chronicles Codes are expired. But don't worry, we will provide you with enough codes every month!

Where Do You Get Codes For Summoners War Chronicles?

Of course, you can get codes for Summoners War Chronicles right here from us. Just bookmark us, we'll keep this page updated weekly so you can come back every time you need some more.

If you want to get new codes the second they come out, check the social media channels of the devs, where you can sometimes find new codes:

And there you have it, everything you need to know about codes in Summoners War Chronicles.

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