Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event | Start Date, LTM, Skins & More

A new midseason event is about to begin in Apex, the Spellbound Collection Event. The event will bring a beloved LTM back to the game, as well as a number of new cosmetics, and even some gameplay updates. You can find everything you need to know about Spellbound Collection Event below.

Here are some of the skins available in Apex's new Spellbound Collection Event. | © EA

We're still only about halfway through Apex Legends Season 15, but that doesn't mean we need to wait for the end of the season for more content. Respawn give us regular midseason events to keep things fresh. Each event features a limited-time-mode, new cosmetics and free rewards, and the Spellbound Collection Event is no different. The skins in particular look awesome (way better than anything in the Apex item store this week).

In this article you can find everything you need to know about Apex Legend's new Spellbound Collection Event. We've included the start date and times, all the new skins we've seen so far, and an overview of the limited-time-mode.

Apex Spellbound Collection Event: Start Date & Time

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event will begin on Tuesday, January 10 at exactly 1 PM ET (10 AM PT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET). This event will be live for exactly two weeks, which should be just enough time to get all of the free rewards and grind the LTM. So, just to be clear, The Spellbound Collection Event will end on Tuesday, January 24 at 1 PM ET (10 AM PT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET).

Before rushing to get new skins, though, have you considered the Season 15 Battle Pass?

Spellbound Collection Event: New Cosmetics

There are new cosmetics coming in the Spellbound Collection Event, some of which you have to pay for, while others you can earn for free.

Free Rewards In The Spellbound Collection Event

By playing Apex and completing event-specific challenges, which refresh daily, you can earn "Event Points" (up to 1600 per day). As you earn Event Points you unlock free rewards. You can earn a maximum of 5000 Event Points, at which point you've unlocked all available rewards.

Here are the rewards available to you as you earn Spellbound Event Points:

Spellbound ce prize track v1 jpg adapt 1920w
Apex Legends: You can earn up to 5000 Event Points during the Spellbound Collection Event. | © EA

New Premium Cosmetics In The Spellbound Collection Event

This is Apex, so (obviously) they've stacked the Event with some expensive new premium cosmetics as well. There's no special trick or guide, just go to the store and buy what you want.

Although, they won't put all of the items in the store for the whole two weeks, instead, they will put a different set of seven items in the store ever few days. Here are the items and days when they will appear:

Week 1 (January 10-17)

Spellbound ce calendar week 1 v1 jpg adapt 1920w
These aren't the best skins we've ever seen, in all honesty. | © EA

Week 2 (January 18-24)

Spellbound ce calendar week 2 v1 jpg adapt 1920w
The Sterling Prism bundle contains a skin widely believed to be the best Loba skin currently available in Apex. | © EA

Seer's Heirloom

During the event, there will be special Apex Packs that are more expensive than the normal packs but that are guaranteed to give you some of the new cosmetics released as part of the Spellbound Collection Event. If you buy and open enough of these packs, you will eventually get every new cosmetic released for the event. And once you have every single new item unlocked, you will automatically unlock Seer's new Heirloom, the "Showstoppers".

Here is the new Heirloom:

While the Heirloom does look awesome, these random loot boxes are incredibly predatory. From personal experience we can assure you that you will need to spend at least $150 if you want to get the Heirloom, so we would advise you to not buy these packs unless you have money to burn. Even then, we really don't think anyone should be supporting EA for trying to sell cosmetics like this...

Spellbound Collection Event: Control LTM

The beloved mode Control will be returning as a limited-time-mode during the Spellbound Collection Event. This is a 9v9 mode played on smaller, Arena-sized maps. In this mode you can respawn and you get to choose your own loadout. The objective is to fight for control of three different "Control Zones".

Have you ever played Call of Duty? Control is just domination, but with Legends from Apex. It's pretty fun.

Spellbound Collection Event: Balance Changes

When the event launches they will also introduce a couple of buffs and nerfs:

Crafting Rotation

  • G7 Scout enters the crafter
  • C.A.R. SMG enters the crafter
  • Spitfire returns to the floor
  • Peacekeeper returns to the floor

Anvil Receiver Hop-Up (Nerfed)

  • Limb damage multiplier reduced to 0.75 (was 0.9)
  • Flatline damage reduced to 39 (was 43)
  • R301 damage reduced to 32 (was 35)

G7 Scout (Nerfed)

  • Damage reduced to 32 (was 34)

Prowler Burst PDW (Buffed)

  • Damage increased to 15 (was 14)

Sentinel (Buffed)

  • Now requires 1 shield cell to Energize (was 2)

And there you have it, everything you can expect when the Spellbound Collection Event begins on January 10. Have fun!

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