Siphon Is Back In Competitive Fortnite

Siphon is back in Fortnite! At least for the upcoming tournaments. But will it also become available in Ranked? Here are the details.

Fortnite siphon
Fortnite: Siphon is back and fans are hyped! | © Epic Games

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account recently announced that the Siphon effect will be available again for the upcoming Major 3, Last Chance Major and for the next Cash Cups and players are more than hyped.

But what exactly is Siphon actually and will it be included in Fortnite's Ranked mode? We have all the details for you.

Siphon In Fortnite Explained

While siphon is a common word for the pros, the normies among Fortnite players are probably a bit confused about the term, even though they are probably familiar with the siphon effect.

Siphon in Fortnite is a mechanic that instantly gives you health or shield once you eliminate an enemy. Depending on the game mode, 25 to 50 health is healed and if you need to restore less health, the extra health is converted into a shield.

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First, this effect was introduced in the limited-time game mode "Siphon", where the only way to restore health was to deal damage. Since this mechanic was met with a lot of popularity in the community, Epic decided to include the effect in competitive Fortnite.

Since then, it was indispensable until Siphon was suddenly disabled completely with the introduction of the Ranked system. Naturally, this was met with extreme criticism from the community. But now Siphon is back! At least for the next tournaments...

Siphon Is Back In Fortnite And Fans Are Happy

The Fortnite Status Twitter account informed the community that the Siphon effect will return for the upcoming Fortnite tournaments:

Fortnite reacted very positively to the tweet, even though questions kept coming up as to why Siphon was disabled in the first place. And of course, the outcry is now to introduce the Siphon effect in Fortnite Ranked as well. After all, the mechanic was a common feature in Arena Mode too!

In fact, we suspect that Epic is really planning to bring Siphon back to Fortnite's competitive playlist. Possibly, this could even bring back the pros who gave up on Fortnite out of frustration. We will definitely keep you updated.

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