Shopify Rebellion GC Coach Got Banned By Riot

After yesterday's Shopify Rebellion GC victory, the coach of that team got a little carried away with emotions, and he really went "full rebel," not gonna lie.

Shopify Rebellion Drama
Shopify Rebellion GC will now compete without a coach. | © Riot Games

After yesterday's match for a spot in the Grand Finals at the VCT Game Changers Championships, there was one person who was a bit carried away by his emotions, and that was the coach of the Shopify Rebellion GC team. In short, Rob "rob-wiz" Kennedy decided to show a middle finger to Cloud9 White after winning the lower bracket semifinals match. Of course, he will face some big consequences now, and that have caused much controversy throughout the competitive Valorant scene.

Shopify Rebellion GC Will Play Grand Finals Without A Coach

Let's start with the fact that such gestures are against the tournament's rules. And besides, let's be honest, it is hardly elegant. So, why, Mr. rob-wiz?

The so called middle finger vct game changers
Seriously, why? | © Riot Games

We all knew that some consequences would befall the Shopify Rebellion GC coach. First of all, it will be a financial penalty, which is unlikely to be controversial, with most of the community agreeing with the decision. However, the second punishment is a bit more surprising – Shopify Rebellion GC will play in the Grand Finals against G2 Gozen without a coach.

This has caused an incredible storm of controversy among virtually all pro players. It is worth mentioning that Shopify Rebellion GC does not have any replacement coach, so they were really reliant on "rob-wiz" assists. Here is how Rory Jackson from the main Sentinels Valorant roster commented on the subject:

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