Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift Codes (June 2023): All Available Rewards

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet officially launched the ninth generation of Pokémon. If you play one of the games now when they are released, using special codes, you can get some extra rewards and mystery gifts in-game.

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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gift Codes: Various rewards and Mystery Gifts await you in the latest Pokémon games. | © The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are finally officially available in stores and players around the world start their journey in the Paldea region. To ensure that the bag is filled with some handy items right from the start of the game, various rewards can be picked up and there is something for everyone.

We'll show you what these rewards are and how you can get them in the two new Pokémon editions.

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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Mystery Gifts: How To Redeem Codes

For basically all Mystery Gifts, you will need the right code. And you will need how to redeem them! It's fairly easy though, here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Open the in-game menu
  2. Select 'Poké Portal', then 'Mystery Gift'
  3. Select 'Get with Code/Password' and input the code to claim your gift

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Mystery Gifts: All Active Codes in Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

Mystery Gift Codes

This was last updated on June 5

Here are all currently active Mystery Gift codes, which you can claim until the given date:

Mystery Gift CodeRewardExpiry Date
LEVELUPTen rare candyOctober 2
REV1VEFive max reviveOctober 2
CATCHBYBALLFive nest balls, five dive balls, five dusk balls, five timer balls, five quick balls, and five luxury ballsOctober 2

Mystery Gift – Flying Pikachu

There are also Mystery Gifts you don't need a code for! If you think that a gifted Pikachu is really uncreative, we can only agree with you. But, it is a very special Pikachu: On the one hand, it has the Tera type "Flying", on the other hand, it also has the attack "Fly". You have until February 28 to get this special specimen into your team via a mystery gift. You don't even have to have pre-ordered the game, just play it until that date.

To unlock the special Pikachu, go to the menu in the game and select the "PokePortal" tab. You unlock this after the tutorial. There you click on "Mystery Gift", then on "Receive via Internet" and bang! The Pikachu is yours.

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What are these balloons above his head... | © The Pokémon Company

Special Rotom Phone Cases

If your Switch console already has the older Pokémon parts likeLet's Go, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Sword and Shield, or Legends Arceus, you can get unique phone cases for Scarlet And Violet. These differ from each other in color and design and are definitely nice to have. To get them, you simply have to talk to a woman at the entrance to Mesalona City.

Download Codes For Nintendo eShop

For example, if you downloaded the game from the Nintendo eShop, you should have received a download code with your order. If you redeem it in the game, you'll get the Adventure Set in return. It contains the following items:

  • 10x Potion
  • 5x Full Heal
  • 3x Revive
  • 3x Ether
  • 1x Rare Candy
  • 1x Nugget

All Expired Mystery Gift Codes

There are also some Mystery Gifts that you can't get anymore, unfortunately. But we will give you the list anyway, so you know what kind of rewards Nintendo offers to players:

Mystery Gift CodeRewardExpiry Date
GETG0LDGold bottle capJune 4
0C1CV1CT0RGAV1Na Palafin based on the one used by Jiseok LeeApril 17
ENJ0YBATTLETM082 thunder wave & TH087 taunt

April 2023

LETSTERATM171 tera blast
MORESPEEDten carbos
L0VEL0VEL0VEtwo love balls
HAPPYVALENT1NEdestiny knot
T0KUSE1STUDYredeem for an ability capsule
MAKEWA2AMACH1NEredeem for either a comet shard, a star piece, or stardust. Chosen at random
HAPPYH0L1DAYS50 ice tera shards
READY4RA1D20k league points
HAJ1ME0R1G1NAL10x Peanut Butter, 10x Prosciutto, 10x Hamburger, 10x Cream Cheese, 10x Noodles, 10x RiceJanuary 31
READY4RA1D20,000 League PointsJanuary 31
1TSUPT0Y0UOne Comet Shard, Star Piece, or Stardust (random)January 15
G0FR1ENDLYSH0POne Comet Shard, Star Piece, or Stardust (random)January 15, 2023
BEFASH10NLEADEROne Comet Shard, Star Piece, or Stardust (random)January 15, 2023
ENJ0YG0URUMETOne Comet Shard, Star Piece, or Stardust (random)January 15, 2023
MAKEWA2AMACH1NEOne Comet Shard, Star Piece, or Stardust (random)January 15, 2023
HAPPYH0L1DAYS50 Ice Tera ShardsDecember 25, 2022
SANDW1CHRandom assortment of sandwich ingredientsDecember 18, 2022
BANANACREAMRandom assortment of sandwich ingredientsDecember 18, 2022
HAMCHEESERandom assortment of sandwich ingredientsDecember 18, 2022
SALTV1NEGARRandom assortment of sandwich ingredientsDecember 18, 2022
PEANUTBUTTERRandom assortment of sandwich ingredientsDecember 18, 2022
LETTUCEBAC0NRandom assortment of sandwich ingredientsDecember 18, 2022
T0MAT0SL1CERandom assortment of sandwich ingredientsDecember 18, 2022

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The rewards are nothing overwhelming, but it's a nice way to get started. If you chose a different way, for example ordering Pokémon Scarlet and Violet through Amazon, there may be other rewards waiting for you there.

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