OfflineTV Solo Q Invitational Valorant: Teams, Streams & More

The highly anticipated third edition of the OTV Valorant Invitational tournament is making a comeback. It will bring together a mix of streamers and professional players, all divided into five tiers, promising a captivating competition. Here's a short rundown of everything you need to know.

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The thrilling OTV Solo Q Invitational for Valorant is now underway, featuring a diverse lineup of renowned players and streamers. This article will provide you with a viewer's guide, current standings, schedule, and a list of participating players in the invitational.

How to Enjoy the OTV Solo Q Valorant

The third edition of the event will be held from July 24-25, with Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang as the host, although he won't be competing as he is currently in Taiwan.

The official stream for the Solo Q Invitational can be found on:

Additionally, some of the pros & personalities will be streaming their point of view (POV) during the tournament, so you can check out their channels for an alternative perspective:

During the round-robin stage, three lobbies will run simultaneously, and OfflineTV will stream one match per round. Every player will appear on the main stage at least once through a rotation system. In case you miss your favorite player, you can switch to their stream and enjoy the action!

Rules & Prize for the OTV Solo Q Invitational Valorant

This competition has specific rules, with players categorized into five tiers based on their in-game rank.

Here are the rules:

  • Players won't compete against other players of their tier
  • During the Round-Robin Stage, Twitch Chat will decide via vote which maps will be played in the lobbies
  • Rounds 1 & 13 will feature a knife-only rule
  • After the end of the Round-Robin stage, two players will advance to the Bo3 Finals
  • For the Grand Final, the teams will select Map 1 & 2, and Twitch chat via vote will choose the Decider Map

The prize for the Invitational is quite special. The winning team of five players will be awarded a custom-made Oni Katana, valued at approximately $2,000, according to Toast.

Teams, Tiers & Standings in the OTV Solo Q Invitational Valorant

As mentioned earlier, the players have been divided into tiers based on their in-game rank.

Here's the current standings table, organized by tiers:

Table Legend: W = Games Won, L = Games Lost.

Tier 5 - Pro Tier 4 - Immortal Tier 3 Asc. Tier 4 - Plat. - Dia. Tier 5 - Silver - Gold
Cryocells - 4W Nick - 3W Tenzin - 4W Yoojin - 4W Ljerny - 4W
Asuna - 3W Shipthur - 2W PeterPark - 3W Ludwig - 2W Scarra - 3W
Sym - 2W Foolish Gamers - 2W Bhans - 2W Meilizzz - 2W Michael Reeves - 2W
TenZ - 1W Tiffae - 2W Sydeon - 2W Lena Lemon - 1W
Tarik - 1W Masayoshi - 2W Starsmitten - 1W Slime - 1W Brodin Plett - 1W
Clear - 1W Quarterjade - 1W Aimen - 0W Valkyrae - 1W Lilypichu - 0W

Fritingglitter - 2W

The Invitational promises a lot of excitement, so make sure to tune in! Here's a jaw-dropping highlight to get you even more hyped:

OTV Solo Q Invitational Valorant: Schedule

Today's games, which will be streamed on the main channel, are as follows:

Round 5 Time: 2 PM PST - 11 PM CEST
Team 1 Team 2
TenZ Tarik
Nick Foolish Gamers
PeterPark Sydeon
Valkyrae Meilizzz
Brodin Plett Michael Reeves

Final Time: 3 PM PST - 12 PM CEST
Team 1 Team 2

That covers all the essential information about the OTV Invitational. If you're hungry for more stats, check out their official Google Docs with player score tracking, where you can find additional statistics such as Kills, Match W/L & Round Wins.

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