New Heirloom Coming To Apex Legends In Third Collection Event Of Season 16

What's the most exciting type of cosmetic in Apex? Heirlooms of course, and we're getting a new one later in Season 16. Apparently the new Heirloom is for Ash, which we expected, and it's going to be released during the third collection event of the season.

Apex legends new Heirloom Season 16
Ash might be getting a new Heirloom in Season 16! | © EA

If you're new to Apex, here's a super brief explanation of what we're talking about. Heirlooms are the ultimate cosmetic item in Apex; they're incredibly rare and expensive, and every long-term player desperately wants an Heirloom for their main. Heirlooms usually take the form of an item that a character can hold while they're running around unnarmed in-game (the most recent example was a hand fan for Loba).

Currently, most of the Legends have an Heirloom, but there are still a few newer Legends who don't have one available yet. Apparently Ash will be getting hers soon, however.

Ash Heirloom Coming In Season 16

According to leaker HYPERMYST (who is probably the most reliable Apex leaker in the business), Ash will be getting her Heirloom in the third collection event of Season 16: "Sun Squad". This collection event will begin on March 28, and if this rumor is true, then you will need to buy all the Apex Event Packs available during the event to get the Heirloom, which costs about $160.

So, if you're an Ash main, and if you're willing to spend $160 on an Heirloom, make sure to hit the Apex store on March 28.

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