Redditor Finds New Apex Leaks On Laptop They Stole!

A Redditor stole a laptop from a man who was drunk on the subway. Then they went through the laptop and found Apex leaks. Naturally, they didn't care about admitting to the crime so long as they could share those leaks with the community. Hero?

Apex Leaked character
This is the Apex character in question. | © u/werdtheweirdo via Reddit

We didn't get a new Legend in Apex Season 16, unfortunately. But we've known for a while that Ballistic is the next Legend we're getting (and many suspect that he's actually the organizer of the games, Kuban Blisk). We've just heard about a very funny leak that seems to confirm this.

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Redditor Finds Ballistic Renders On Stolen Laptop

A Redditor claims to have stolen a laptop and found Apex leaks on the hard drive. Sadly, the thief was only willing to share one image (the one pictured above), which seems to show Ballistic in three separate outfits. Although, as they say in the thread, "There were just a handful of images with generic names, I'm still digging around tho". So we could shortly get even more leaks.

It's a silly and funny little leak, and obviously we can't tell you this is 100% true and from EA themselves, but we wanted to share it with our beloved Apex players.

Speaking of crazy leaks:

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