Apex Legends Gets First Ever Mythic Banner Frame & Emote

Apex Legends Season 16 has just begun, and data miners have already discovered two new types of cosmetics coming this season: Mythic Banner Frames and Mythic Emotes. In other words, EA have found yet more ways to squeeze money out of us.

Apex Banner
This is the new Mythic banner frame for Wraith. | © HYPERMYST via Twitter

Apex Legends Season 16 is finally here, which somewhat softens the blow of Apex Mobile closing down. We didn't get a new Legend in Season 16, but we did get a ton of new gameplay features. And, according to dataminers, we're also getting a whole new level of cosmetics.

Mythic Banner Frames & Emotes Are Coming To Apex

Mythic banner frames and emotes have been spotted in the Apex Legends game files. Both of the new items we've seen are for Wraith, but we naturally expect Mythic banner frames and emotes to come for other Legends eventually as well.

The reason they're Mythic and not just Legendary is that they look a lot cooler, and we presume will cost a lot more. Here is the emote:

You can see why it's going to cost even more than the Legendary emotes.

And here is the Mythic banner frame:

This is definitely not as cool as the emote, but knowing Apex players, it's going to sell regardless. These items aren't available in the store yet, but they are expected to be released later this season.

What do you think about a whole new Mythic level of cosmetics being introduced? Just another way to monetize the game, or genuinely exciting?

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