MW3: Long Awaited Changes For Skins And Operators Confirmed

Activision confirmed that some cosmetics will carry over from MW2 to MW3. What will carry over into the new Modern Warfare 3?

Co D 5
MW2 operators will carry over to MW3. | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 is approaching the end of its support-cycle and gamers around the world are already getting hyped for CoD 2023. We already knew, it was called Modern Warfare 3 before Activision accidentally confirmed it, but apart from that we are still waiting for an official announcement.

We don't know too much about MW3's content yet, but the official Call of Duty Twitter account just gave us some hints:

Modern Warfare 2 Operators, Weapons & Bundles Will Carry Over To Modern Warfare 3

Yes, you read that right! Finally, players will be able to keep their cosmetics for a new Call of Duty release. An official poll on Twitter asked if MW2 operators, weapons and bundles should carry forward into Call of Duty 2023 and the answers were "Yes" or "Yes, when is reveal?":

This is actually a huge step in the right direction, cause so far operator skins, weapons and bundles would carry over in Warzone, but never in the actual premium title.

Of course, MW3 being just the next Modern Warfare and thus having much of the same operators and weapons like MW2, makes this way easier than for example the switch from MW2019 to BOCW, but it's still good news.

So according to this tweet, players will be able to carry over the following cosmetics:

  • Operators & Operator Skins
  • Weapons (probably also blueprints and camos)
  • Bundles (this would include stickers, emblems, player cards etc.)

All in all, this would mean that we can actually keep all our cosmetics from Modern Warfare 2, which also means that MW3 will have all MW2 weapons... We already got some leaks about the MW3 weapons, so maybe those will just add to the MW2 guns?

How do you feel about Modern Warfare 3 so far? We really hope there will be an official announcement soon.

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