MW2 & WZ2: Free CDL Champs Rewards For Everyone

The unexpected CDL Champs 2023 free in-game rewards for everyone spark excitement and debate among the CoD community. Here is everything you need to know!

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MW2 & WZ2: Free CDL Champs Rewards for everyone! | © Activision/Call of Duty League

The highly anticipated CDL Champs 2023, the ultimate event of competitive Call of Duty, recently concluded, leaving fans excited and amazed. In an extraordinary turn of events, the Subliners emerged as the champions, a result that had already been predicted by an AI back in December 2022.

MW2 & WZ2: Free CDL Champs Rewards

To further heighten the excitement surrounding CDL Champs, Call of Duty introduced unique rewards for viewers. By watching just one or two hours of the tournament, fans were promised exclusive in-game rewards, ranging from emblems and calling cards to even a weapon blueprint for those who tuned in for the Finals. This was aimed at engaging the community and rewarding its dedication to the game.

However, a surprising development has left some fans furious, while others are overjoyed. It has come to light that, despite not having watched the tournament on Twitch or YouTube, there is now a way to get all the CDL Champs rewards for free to everyone.

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Obtaining the rewards is a simple process. Interested players need to visit the CoD Code page, log in, and enter the code “CDLCHAMP23” or “CDLChamp23.” By following these steps, a ton of rewards await them:

  • 4 Hours of 2XP
  • 4 Hours of Double Weapon XP
  • “Royal Knife” Blueprint
  • “You dropped this” Camo
  • “Throne” Jetski
  • “Top 3” Weapon Charm
  • 3x Calling Cards
  • 3x Emblems
  • 1x Weapon Sticker

In the end, whether you are a passionate supporter or a casual player, the attraction of free CDL Champs rewards remains enticing. So why not give it a try? Head over to the CoD Code page, follow the instructions, and claim your well-deserved rewards.

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