Fast & Furious: Fast X Director Wants A Fortnite Movie

Louis Leterrier, director of Fast X (Fast & Furious 10) recently told us in an interview that he would love to bring Fortnite to the big screen! How rad would that be, please? We have the exact details.

Fortnite movie
Will Fortnite finally get a feature film? | © Epic Games

It is probably known that Fortnite is more than just a video game by now. In no other game have there been such blatant crossovers as the Travis Scott or Ariana Grande concert. And the story around Fortnite is also more than impressive by now.

Not only does The Rock play one of the main characters in Fortnite, no, the Russo brothers, the directors of The Avengers even produced the trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 back then!

So it's probably only a matter of time before a Fortnite movie hits the big screen. And that might even happen sooner than later, as Fast X (Fast & Furious 10) director Louis Leterrier has expressed interest in a Fortnite adaptation, telling us in an interview that he would love to direct a Fortnite movie!

"Fast X" director Louis Leterrier wants to produce a Fortnite movie!

Louis Leterrier, who most recently directed Fast X, the 10th installment in the Fast & Furious series, recently made an unexpected comment about Fortnite. Leterrier joined Gareth Edwards and Justin Simien on a directing panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

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There, the French director calls Fortnite an "incredible" game and hopes to bring it to the big screen.

I would love to direct a Fortnite movie because the game is incredible. The characters... I mean, there's so much more to tell. It would be fun! It would be full of action and stuff.

In addition to directing the tenth Fast & Furious film, Leterrier has also worked on the first two Transporter films, The Incredible Hulk and Clash of the Titans.

If Leterrier would really collaborate on a Fortnite movie, then all fans & non-fans can be excited about it, as this project could really be a masterpiece.

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