Call of Duty's Most Popular Map Was Never Supposed To Be In The Game

Call of Duty's most popular map was actually never supposed to be in the game. Do you want to know which map we are talking about? Let's find out!

Shipment image call of duty
This Call of Duty map was never supposed to be in the game! | © Activision

The map we are talking about is “Shipment” as you might have noticed by the image above. It is literally one of the most popular maps amongst the Call of Duty community. And yet, bizarrely, it was never meant to exist.

Call of Duty's Shipment Was Never Supposed To Exist

If things had gone according to plan, Shipment would have never been introduced to the community. An Infinity Ward developer recently revealed that Shipment, one of the most iconic maps in the history of Call of Duty, was never meant to be released.

Originally included by mistake in 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, its immense popularity led to the decision of keeping it in the game. Over time, Shipment has undergone multiple redesigns and re-releases, appearing in eleven different Call of Duty titles, each time with a unique twist to set it apart from other maps.

During an interview with Dexerto, Geoff Smith, the Call of Duty Multiplayer Design Director, disclosed that the Shipment map was not intended to be part of the final version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007. He revealed that its inclusion in the game was an unintended mistake.

Smith further elaborated that Shipment originally served as a split-screen map for internal testing purposes, but the Multiplayer lead inadvertently overlooked its removal prior to the game's release.

What do you think of the map Shipment? Is it healthy for CoD?

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