Modern Warfare 2 Server Status: Are The Call of Duty Servers Down?

If you can't log in to Modern Warfare 2, EA's Call of Duty servers might be down. In this article, we explain how to check the MW2 server status and what to do if you can't connect to the Modern Warfare 2 servers although they're online.

Modern Warfare 2 Server Status
Call of Duty: Find out how to check whether the Modern Warfare 2 servers are down. | © Activision

You've fired up the PC and you want to play a few rounds, great. But then an error message pops up. Classic Call of Duty.

Even though MW2 has fortunately been quite stable so far, at least more stable than Warzone, server problems can still occur from time to time. As usual, Modern Warfare 2 server issues often pop up after updates, but sometimes also randomly. So let's check if the Modern Warfare 2 servers are down or if the issue is on our end.

Modern Warfare 2 Down? How To Check The Call of Duty Server Status

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is actually doing really well overall, at least we haven't had a lot of server issues ourselves so far. But like almost every game, the MW2 servers have its downtimes, both planned and unplanned.

If you can't get onto the servers, then you should first determine the source of the error, because it doesn't necessarily have to be a server problem.

  • In the case of a planned server outage for e.g. maintenance, players will most likely encounter the notorious Wolters Francis error code.
MW2 server
Let's figure out the issue! | © Activision

If you can't get into the game, there are several ways to check if the problem is with you or with the servers.

Maintenance work and server failures are usually always announced on the official Activision Support website, and you can even be notified as soon as the servers are back online. You can also report problems with Modern Warfare or other Activision titles via this channel.

Both Activision Support and Infinity Ward use Twitter to provide updates on known issues and to keep you posted on their progress fixing these issues.

What To Do If The Call of Duty MW2 Servers Are Up But You Can't Connect

If you just found out that the MW2 servers are actually live, but you still can't connect, then you should try the following:

  • Check if Modern Warfare 2 is updated to the latest version. Incomplete updates or an outdated game can often cause connection problems as well.
  • Check your internet connection and restart your router and, if possible, connect your PC or console directly to the router using a LAN cable.
  • Check if you also have connection problems with other games; if so, you can be sure that your internet connection is causing the problem.
  • Check social networks like Twitter to see if other players are having the same issue.
  • Sometimes a simple PC restart solves the problem.

That's about all there is to say on the subject. If the Modern Warfare 2 servers are down, you'll just have to pass the time doing something else (damn). But hey, if you have the time, you should check out the best assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2?

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