Fortnite Guide: How To Mantle At Different Named Locations

Week 9 Fortnite Challenges are here, and one challenge requires you to mantle at different named locations. We'll show you how it's done.

Fortnite mantle 5 times in 5 seconds
Lets go! | © Epic Games

We are now in the 9th week of Fortnite Season 3, and we're slowly but surely heading towards the climax. But before that happens, there are of course still a few Fortnite challenges to be completed. One of the new challenges requires you to: mantle at different named locations.

This involves using a new mechanic in Chapter 3 that allows players to grab onto ledges and pull themselves up. This maneuver can be very useful during normal gameplay as it allows players to traverse vertical obstacles more easily.

And even if this task seems quite difficult at first glance, there is a method that can help you to complete the challenge quickly.

This Is How You Mantle At Different Named Locations

You can complete the challenge in both build and Zero Build mode. However, the classic Battle Royale might make it easier for you. Afterwards, land in a named location where there are not too many enemies. We recommend Knotty Nets, Shady Stilts, or Breakwater Bay.

Now, to pull yourself up onto something, all you have to do is run towards a building or object and press the jump button. Your character will then automatically pull himself up onto the elevation.

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Alternatively, you can build something yourself in the location and then pull yourself up onto it. Once you've done that, it's best to grab a vehicle and head to the next location, repeating this.

Now you will be able to complete the quest. And when the challenge is completed, you will receive 20,000 tasty XP towards your Battle Pass!

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