Fortnite: How To Travel Distance Northeast

One of the weekly Fortnite tasks for week 6 requires you to cover a distance of 5,000 metres in a north-easterly direction. We'll show you how to do it.

Travel northeast fortnite challenge
Fortnite: We show you how to cover distance to the northeast. | © Epic Games

The Chapter 4 Season 3 Week 6 missions are here and in order to complete a quest, you have to cover a distance of 5,000 metres in the direction of the northeast. Actually, the challenge is pretty easy, but if you have some problems with orientation, we have a few tips for you on what to look out for to stay on track.

How To Travel Distance Towards The Northeast

To complete this challenge, we advise you to first land in the southwest of the Fortnite map. A good position for this would be somewhere between Shattered Slabs and Frenzy Fields.

To head northeast now, look for the compass at the top of the map. Make sure that the "NO" is always covered by the number 45 and that you can see the N on the left edge of the bar and the O on the right edge, just like here:

North east fortnite
Make sure the compass bar always looks like this. | © Epic Games

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To travel faster, you can of course first find a vehicle or an animal. You should also equip yourself with a few weapons, as you may well encounter enemies on your way. Here we have a rough marker for the direction of travel for you:

Travel northeast fortnite
Always run in this direction to complete the challenge. | © Epic Games

5,000 metres is quite a distance, but you will receive 40,000 XP for completing this quest, which is why it is definitely worth the effort. And don't worry if you can't complete the distance in a single game. You don't have to complete the quest in a single game. So take your time and complete it bit by bit.

And now that you know where to go, the quest shouldn't be that difficult.

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