Fortnite: How To Pop Vehicle Tires

One of the weekly Fortnite missions for Week 7 requires you to blow out tires! We'll show you how to do it.

Fortnite pop vehicle tires
Make the tires pop in Fortnite! | © Epic Games

The Chapter 4 Season 3 Week 7 quests are here and to complete one quest you need to blow out tires. The quest is actually pretty easy, but if you still run into some problems, we have some tips for you on what to look out for in order to blow out the tires.

Where To Find Tires In Fortnite

Of course, the first thing you need to do is find a vehicle to blow out its tires. Motorcycles and cars are spread all over the Fortnite map, so we doubt you'll have any problems with that.

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However, to find a car/vehicle faster, it's best to check out Fortnite's gas stations. So once you find one, the fun part begins!

How To Pop Tires In Fortnite

To burst a tire, you logically have to damage it. The best way to do that, of course, is to just shoot it! Of course, you can also just pick up your pickaxe and hit it with it.

Just keep hitting or shooting until the tire blows out. Don't forget that you have to destroy two tires in total to complete the mission. But when it's done, you'll get a tasty 20,000 XP for your Battle Pass!

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