These 10 Teams Have Earned The Most in VCT 2022!

The year 2022 saw an all-time high in investments for the growth of Valorant eSports, so let's see which teams have benefited from it the most.

Optic gaming half million dollars
They earned nearly $500,000! | © Riot Games

2022 was a year in which Valorant's professional teams really earned a lot of money. Moreover, it was also a year in which the VCT Game Changers, an all-female Valorant league, developed a lot, leading to female divisions earning more than the "main rosters". Yeah, for real! Plus, we have also seen live tournaments back again, and many more things that made Riot Games win "Best Esports Title" award twice for Valorant.

This was also the year where more money than ever was invested in the development of Valorant eSports. So, in this article, we will look at the top 10 eSports organizations that earned the most money in the VCT 2022 circuit!

Top 10 Highest Earning Valorant Teams During VCT 2022

It probably won't surprise anyone that the most money (almost half a million dollars) was earned by the OpTic Gaming roster, which will forever remain legendary. In second place are LOUD, the current World Champions, and nearly $100,000 behind them are FunPlus Phoenix from the EMEA region. Here is a full table of the top 10 highest earning teams in VCT 2022:


VCT 2022 Earnings

1st Place Tournament WinsRegion
OpTic Gaming$499,0001NA



FunPlus Phoenix


Paper Rex$332,8235APAC



G2 Gozen

Shopify Rebellion GC$146,0002NA

The first interesting thing about this listing is that virtually no region particularly dominates, and if we were to enlarge the listing to the top 11 teams, each region would have 3 representatives equally.

Game Changers Rosters Earn More

And the other thing is what we mentioned earlier, which is that some Game Changers rosters earned more than main rosters. For comparison, some examples of organizations where all-female rosters earned more in 2022:

OrganizationMain Roster Earnings

Game Changers Roster Earnings

G2 Esports$95,899$208,881
Team Liquid$103,572$105,359

Of course, this massive jump between the main roster and the Game Changers roster in the case of G2 Esports is due to the fact that G2 Gozen won the Game Changers world championships. Still, it looks like investing in female rosters is now more profitable than ever.

What do you think about all these statistics? Did you expect something like this, or maybe something absolutely different? Because for us, looking at that "1 tournament win" for OpTic Gaming feels weird. Let us know what do you think about it on our EarlyGame Discord, as we have a Valorant dedicated channel there!

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