Apex Legend Leak: G7 Going To Ground Loot With New Attachments

According to recent leaks, the G7 Scout will soon return to ground loot alongside a new hop-up. To find out when this going to happen, and what's going to replace it in the care package, keep reading.

G7 Scout
Bangalore's favourite weapon will soon be available around the map again. | © EA

We all love a care package. These puppies come soaring down from the sky and deliver us the best of the best, the most powerful weapons that Apex has to offer. But the problem is that you often die getting to the care package, and so you rarely actually get to play with those sacred weapons. And for lovers of semi-auto in particular, there isn't much in ground loot that can scratch the same itch as the G7. But apparently that's about to change...

G7 Scout & New Attachment Coming To Ground Loot

Dataminers recently found a set of future patch notes which mention a buff to the Double Tap hop-up attachment. But the Double Tap attachment is only available for the G7 Scout, and the G7 Scout isn't in ground loot, it's in the care package. And, of course, attachments for care package weapons already come with the gun, they aren't standalone items.

Content creator ThordanSmash connected the dots and realized that this must mean the G7 is returning to ground loot, alongside the Double Tap attachment as a standalone attachment. What great news. The G7 is so much fun, but you almost never get to use it when it's in the care package.

The most likely weapon to replace the G7 will be the Triple Take, as it's the most popular Marksman Rifle (they always replace weapons with other guns from the same class), and would lend itself most easily to being buffed and put in the care package. But we cannot confirm this yet.

When Will These Ground Loot Changes Be Implemented?

We expect these changes to be introduced with Season 14, on Tuesday, August 9 at exactly 13:00 ET (10:00 PT / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST). So not long to wait now if you're a fan of the G7 Scout and you want to start using it more regularly again. And if you're looking forward to the change, you've also got these updates coming in Season 14:

Yep, Season 14 is looking like it's going to be popular. Certainly more so than Season 13, poor Newcastle is already the 3rd least popular Legend...

That was your overview of the changes coming to ground loot, we hope you found it helpful, and if you want to read more about new weapons, check out the recently leaked new dual-wielding pistols.