G2 Gozen Win VCT Game Changers Championship!

And this is how history is being written before our eyes! G2 Gozen has just won the first female-only Valorant World Championship by making an outstanding comeback that we will all remember for a long time.

G2 gozen win vct game changers valorant
G2 Gozen are your VCT Game Changers champions! | © Riot Games

Valorant eSports fans couldn't have asked for a more exciting finale to the Game Changers tournament especially since it was preceded by quite a drama related to the Shopify Rebellion GC coach. After a fantastic BO5, we met the first-ever female Valorant world champions – G2 Gozen, a squad from the EMEA region that did not lose a single series during this tournament. We have already seen this squad as one of the strongest female teams on the scene, and today we were able to experience this in its full glory.

G2 Gozen Are The VCT Game Changers Championship Winners

Frankly speaking, this Grand Final series from the beginning did not look like "sunshine and rainbows" for G2 Gozen, not at all. In fact, they lost the first two maps, one of which was their pick, so they either had to make a 3:0 comeback or go home. Of course, a 3:0 comeback sounds much better, which is what G2 Gozen did.

MapG2 GozenShopify Rebellions GC

As you can see by looking at this score, G2 Gozen got super mad after the first two maps, and decided to stop messing around. In the last three maps, they allowed Shopify Rebellions GC to take only 10 rounds in total, so yeah, it wasn't even close. It is also worth mentioning that this is the first Grand Finals revers sweep in the history of Valorant Championship Tour!

VCT Game Changers Future

As many of you may have guessed, the VCT Game Changers were quite successful, and so Riot has already confirmed a repeat of the circuit in 2023. We do not have a confirmation if it will still be called Game Changers, but Leo Faria (Global Head of Valorant eSports) has already confirmed that there will be a special VCT circuit for female and non-binary players.

What are your thoughts on the whole Game Changers initiative after the first official world championships? Would you like to see more of that kind of tournaments? Join our Discord, head over to our Valorant channel and let's have a chat about it!