Apex Legends Flash Event: Summer Streetwear | Release Date, Cosmetics & Limited-Time Mode

An upcoming event has been leaked for Apex Legends: Summer Streetwear. Here's what we know so far about the event, including the release date and the cosmetics coming to the store.

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Allow us to introduce the glam event of the summer. | © EA

The Awakening eventbegins in a matter of days on June 21, and after that, we have yet another event, with an anime theme launching before Season 14. But between these major events, we also have "Flash Events" in Apex Legends. Basically, these are smaller events that come with about half the content of normal events, and usually only last for one week rather than two. But don't worry, new Legend outfits and cool weapon skins are coming in this flash event.

In this article, we'll go through everything you need to know about the next flash event: Summer Streetwear. You can find the release date, the new content, and more, below.

Looking to break into the next rank before the event?

Summer Streetwear Event: Release Date

The Summer Streetwear event will probably begin after the weekly update on Tuesday, July 5, at 10:00 PT (13:00 ET / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST). The update will be fairly large, but not monstrous. If you want to make sure you can play the second the servers go live, then fear not: a pre-download will be available from sometime on Monday, July 4.

Summer Streetwear Event: Cosmetics

The biggest part of any Apex event is, of course, the cosmetics. The Summer Streetwear event is no different, and in this event, we're getting skins themed around the "streetwear" aesthetic, as well as a few skins that celebrate the ALGS (Apex Pro League). There will be a free prize tracker during the event, which will reward you with something new each day that you log in.

Skins For: Valkyrie, Octane Crypto, Wraith, Bloodhound

Valkyrie and Octane will have dedicated streetwear skins, and Crypto is getting a black and red themed skin that will be available in the store during the event. Wraith and Bloodhound will get "Chinatown" skins, however, which have now been added to the game files, but we don't have images of them yet.

Here's the new Octane and Valkyrie skins:

Streetwear skins valkyrie octane
On the left, you can see the rubbish Octane skin, and on the right, the slightly cooler Valk skin. | © HYPERMYSTx via Twitter

Well, we're happy to be the first to say it: Octane's skin is straight garbage. It's worse than any of the basic blue skins, in fact. But that said, the Valkyrie skin will be popular (because everything to do with her goes crazy).

Weapon Skins For: Alternator, Charge Rifle, HAVOC, Mastiff, R-301, R-99, Repeater 30-30 & Volt

Besides Legend skins, we also know we're getting we're a number of ALGS-themed weapon skins. Here's the list from dataminer HYPERMYSTx:

We have no idea whether these will be cool or not. The ALGS doesn't have a set artistic style yet, so these could really look like anything. But if there's an R-301 skins, we all know it's going to sell.

Summer Streetwear Event: Killing Time LTM

The Summer Streetwear event will bring with it an updated version of the limited-time mode Killing Time. This LTM was actually introduced as part of the War Games event during Season 8, but it was cancelled shortly before implementation. Apparently there were backend instability issues with this mode, but they've now been resolved.

Killing Time is a Battle Royale mode, and the premise is simple. Whenever a player is killed the time before the next ring collapses is reduced. So if everyone lands hot and half the lobby gets wiped, the first circle will start closing almost immediately, and so on throughout the game.