Fortnite: How To Damage Opponents With Wasps

One of the weekly Fortnite missions for week 6 requires you to damage opponents with wasps. We'll show you where to find wasp jars and the best way to use them to deal damage.

Fortnite damage opponents with wasps
Fortnite: Throw wasp jars at your opponents! | © Epic Games

The Chapter 4 Season 3 Week 6 quests are here and in order to complete a quest, you need to inflict 100 damage on enemy players with wasps. We'll show you how to do it.

Where To Find Wildwasps In Fortnite

Fortnite wasps
Urgh... who cares about wasps? | © Epic Games

The wasps or wildwasps only came to Fortnite Island with the start of Chapter 4 Season 3. They are hostile insects that can only be found in the jungle. Most of the time they buzz around the plants, but if you just walk around in the jungle, it shouldn't be difficult to find some.

However, in order to cause damage with them, you must first capture these beasts. This works in a similar way to the fireflies, but we advise you to cover yourself in mud first, as they won't attack you then. Then approach them until the interaction button appears and interact with it to capture the wasps in a jar.

You can carry up to 6 wasp jars in a stack.

Alternatively, you can find the jars on the ground or redeem the "Wild Wasp Throwing Projectile" reality upgrade. This will give you some wasp jars and an extra jar for each elimination.

How To Deal Damage With Wasps In Fortnite

To complete the challenge, you need to deal a total of 100 damage to enemies with wasps. We advise you to complete the challenge in Group Wedges mode.

First land in the jungle and collect as many wasp jars as possible. Then target your opponents and throw as many jars at them until you have done a total of 100 damage.

When you have done this, you will receive 1 Level as a reward.

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