"Cringe" New Superpowers Are Turning Warzone Into Fortnite, Community Reject Collab With The Boys

Thanks to a recent collab with Amazon's hit show "The Boys", there are now superpowers in Warzone. Sound's fun, right? Not according to fans. In a recent poll, a majority of Warzone fans described the superpowers as "cringe", and just one more ludicrous step in the direction of Fortnite.

Cringe New Superpowers
On the right you can see one of the "cringe" new superpowers. | © Activision

Superpowers were recently added to Warzone in the Season 4: Reloaded Patch. You might think this would be a fun little addition to the game, but Call of Duty fans (who have been suffering in 2023) were not happy. As many of them argued, why would the devs risk jeopardizing the balance of the whole game just to push three bundles?

Warzone Fans Vote In Favor Of Removing “Cringe” Superpowers

Per the results of a recent poll from ModernWarzone, we can confirm that most CoD fans don't like the new superpowers. Many fans have been asking for movement, but according to 61% of them, they don't want advanced movement to take this form. There was another 10% who said the superpowers were “not fun”, but didn't want to see them removed.

The abilities look very silly and are clearly unbalanced, so it's understandable that fans would be upset. Although, for the sake of balance, we should mention the 20% of respondents who described the superpowers as fun.

Where do you stand on Superpowers in Warzone? Is it too much, too silly? Or do you want to see them get even wilder before CoD 2023 is released?

So they can add superpowers to Warzone, but they can't deal with this nonsense:

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