Community Furious: Activison Shuts Down Old Call of Duty Games

The Call of Duty community is enraged. Just days after the first mod for older CoD games was forcefully shut down by Activision, another one emerges. Here's everything you need to know!

Cod mod projects deleted
Activision shuts down old Call of Duty games! | © KRNG WHOH / ModernWarzone

The Call of Duty community has been left in a state of frustration and disappointment as Activision recently shut down two prominent mod clients for older Call of Duty games. These mod clients, known as sm2 and XLabs, provided fans with the opportunity to revisit and relive the nostalgic experiences of classic CoD titles like Modern Warfare 2, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3. However, their sudden closure has left many questioning Activision's motives and longing for an explanation.

Activision Shuts Down sm2 And XLabs

For years, mod clients have been a lifeline for fans of older Call of Duty games. These dedicated communities not only allowed players to experience the classics, but also gave an opportunity for creativity and innovation through user-generated content and modifications.

Unfortunately, the modding community suffered a major setback as the developers behind sm2 and XLabs announced their official shutdowns via Twitter. According to their statements, they received Cease and Desist letters from Activision, warning them of legal consequences if they continued their work. This abrupt action has left both developers and players confused, prompting questions about the motivation behind Activision's decision to target these mod clients that were largely celebrated by the community.

Fans share their disappointment via Twitter:

Red7669 says:

They don't care. They want our money. The way to get their attention is for EVERYONE to boycott, and not purchase any future games or content. If everyone would do their part on that, I promise they will pay attention. Especially when they are not making the billions planned.

Master Chief Collection Or CoD Classic Servers On The Way?

Fans are struggling to comprehend why Activision would block the creativity and nostalgia that these mod clients provided. As the outcry continues, the community is demanding transparency and a clear explanation from Activision.

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Fans are also beginning to speculate about the reasons behind Activision's decision to shut down these mods, especially considering that they had been available online for many years without encountering any significant issues.

Twitter user GoldnX thinks:

Great humor aside, there are indeed speculations within the community that Activision may be planning to release a Master Chief Collection-style package where players can enjoy remastered versions of every Call of Duty game. Alternatively, some fans speculate that Activision might consider introducing Classic Servers, similar to what happened when Blizzard shut down community servers and mods in World of Warcraft before releasing WoW Classic shortly after.

But, none of these speculations have been officially confirmed, leaving the Call of Duty community frustrated and determined to seek answers from Activision. Rest assured, if any new information emerges on this topic, you will be among the first to know!

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